As the curtains draw on the dynamic stage of 2023, it becomes evident how transformative this year has been for everyone. It’s been a defining chapter in the narrative of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its influence on the future of work, business processes, and supply chain operations. We’ve witnessed breakthroughs in AI that are poised to reshape the foundations of how we operate, innovate, and navigate complexities in the years to come. It’s no wonder that ‘AI’ has been declared “2023’s Word of the Year”.

The synergy between technology and the intricate web of supply chains is now more pronounced than ever, emphasizing the critical need to fortify and evolve planning strategies. The challenges of the past several years are far from over, and this demands a proactive stance. Supply chain teams need to arm themselves with tools and insights to tackle the uncertainties that lie ahead and build resilience.

At John Galt Solutions, we have consistently been at the forefront, translating the latest innovations into practical applications in our award-winning Atlas Planning Platform, and empowering supply chains worldwide to harness the latest advances in supply chain planning software to achieve transformational outcomes.

This year has been truly significant for us, propelling our momentum through customer growth and collaboration, software innovations, and the expansion of our global community and partnerships, just to name a few. As we carry incredible momentum into 2024, we wanted to reflect on a few highlights as 2023 wraps up!

Celebrating our Customers’ Success

Let’s start with our thriving and growing customer community – our supply chain champions! We continue to welcome leading brands across industries and empower companies around the world to accelerate their digital transformation and flourish amid uncertainty.

In addition to our growing community, we had the pleasure of collaborating with our customers to deliver both live and online sessions, where they shared their remarkable success stories. Notable collaborations included:

By leveraging Atlas and fueled by John Galt Solutions’ customer-centric culture and focus on innovation, category-defining companies across various industries have accelerated their digital supply chain transformation, achieving outstanding results.

Growing Partnerships to Accelerate Supply Chain Transformation

2023 saw the John Galt Solutions Partner Community accelerate to new heights, reflecting the increasing demand for our advanced supply chain planning solutions across the world.

Our expanding global network comprises value-added resellers, innovative technology partners, system integrators, and consulting firms. As part of our distinguished partnerships, we recently announced the extended collaboration with Microsoft to make the Atlas Planning Platform available in the Azure Marketplace; we joined forces with enVista to accelerate end-to-end supply chain planning transformation; and we revealed a partnership with FourKites to enhance businesses’ ability to predict and proactively respond to disruptions with unparalleled precision.

Collaborating closely with our partners, we are cultivating a community of inventive thinkers, offering diverse solutions to address the complex supply chain challenges faced by leading companies.

Stay tuned for a lot more to be revealed in 2024!

Collaborating with Supply Chain Experts and Thought Leaders

Throughout this year, we’ve fostered meaningful connections within the industry and engaged with top voices across the supply chain to deliver insights and lessons and enrich the collective knowledge of the supply chain community.

As part of our collaborative initiatives, we hosted a webinar on demand planning excellence, featuring expert advice from industry leaders. We've facilitated insightful Q&A articles, and continued with our inspiring series of #ExpertInsights blogs, compiling perspectives and wisdom from prominent thought leaders in the supply chain space.

Explore some of these collaborations:

Make sure to keep an eye on our #ExpertInsights series, as we continue to curate thought-provoking supply chain discussions. And stay tuned with our LinkedIn posts where we share all these key supply chain insights.

Customer Experience Elevated to New Heights

Maintaining a steadfast commitment to customer value and delivering exceptional service, our efforts have been reflected in the positive feedback we continue to receive from our esteemed customers.  

Throughout 2023, we’ve been delighted to see our customers rave about the Atlas Planning Platform and our services across sites such as Gartner Peer Insights and Capterra, earning us a score of 4.9 out of 5 stars.  

Here’s just a small sample of testimonials that highlight the impact of our dedication and the value we bring to our customers: 

“Atlas has been a game changer supporting our accelerated growth. The implementation process was the easiest I've ever been involved in. The results have been outstanding with a proven within 1% of forecast to actual orders.” 

“John Galt is a great partner and has enabled our supply chain transformation. After evaluating several different planning solutions, we have been very pleased with the results we are getting with Atlas.” 

"John Galt is very easy to work with and has allowed us to continue to improve the configuration and adapt to changing business needs over the 5+ years that we have worked with their product."

Driving Innovation Across the Atlas Planning Platform

The Atlas Planning Platform is at the forefront of supply chain innovation, helping companies across industries connect data, decisions and operations for continuous intelligence to increase end-to-end network visibility, augment human decisions, and build resilience.

We are constantly evolving the platform, enhancing the breadth and depth of capabilities and introducing the latest advances in technology. In 2023 alone, we announced several significant enhancements and updates to Atlas, including:

Our continuously enhanced technology stays ahead of the curve, ensuring we are well positioned to constantly innovate and provide the support companies need to progress in their supply chain maturity journey and achieve outstanding results.

Supply Chain Management Software

Guiding Supply Chain Transformation

This year, supply chains have navigated a landscape demanding resilience and adaptability. Recognizing the unique hurdles, we stay focused on providing strong support and fostering continuous learning. We actively enhance our knowledge base with a diverse array of resources, including insightful blogs and webinars, comprehensive white papers, eBooks, and more.

Our resources are designed to share best practices and key industry insights to guide supply chain teams on their journey, with practical solutions to navigate complexities and stay ahead.

Explore some of our top resources from this year to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to succeed:

  • Decision-Centric Planning: A Radical Reimagining of Supply Chain Decision Making – Download.
  • Overcoming Data Hurdles through Automation in Supply Chain Planning – Download.
  • The Guide to Stress Test Your Supply Chain – Download.
  • Should Spreadsheets Rule Supply Chain Planning? – Download.
  • A Big Rethink: Reimagining and Reshaping Supply Chain Planning – Download.
  • A Guide to Balancing Trade-offs to Optimize Your Supply Planning – Download.
  • Aligning Strategic and Tactical Supply Chain Planning with Finance – Watch now.
  • Advice from the Experts – Rethinking Demand Planning Excellence – Watch now.

A Big Rethink - Reimagining and Reshaping Supply Chain Planning Thumbnail

Industry Recognitions and Awards

Building on our success from last year, we are delighted to share a prestigious collection of awards and accolades bestowed upon us by leading industry publications, and renowned research and consulting firms. Join us in celebrating the accomplishments that have shaped our year and propelled us forward on our journey of continued success!

Events Attended

We traveled around the world to network with peers, share learnings with supply chain leaders, and foster new connections! This year, we connected with many of you at several events and collaborated with prestigious firms including ARC Advisory Group, Gartner, the Institute of Business Forecasting, and Executive Platforms.

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Cheers to the Journey Ahead!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our remarkable 2023 – our valued customers, our incredible team, our knowledgeable partners, and the many talented supply chain leaders we have the pleasure of keeping in touch with!

We're excited to wrap up the year on a high note, eagerly setting our sights on 2024 determined to continue shaping resilient and innovative supply chains.

Together, let's continue driving success in the industry, staying at the forefront of innovation, and collectively shaping a future where supply chains thrive!