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Link Planning and Execution on a Single Platform

Convert Orders to Intelligent Shipments

Delivery reliability makes a direct impact on customer satisfaction, costs, and profitability. By linking distribution and transportation on a single unified platform, Atlas simplifies the process, empowers insightful decisions, and streamlines execution. Constraints can’t undermine your service levels now.

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Automate Replenishment, Reduce Freight Spend, and Max Out Utilization.

Start. Plan, allocate and trigger replenishment of finished goods and collaborate with buyers and suppliers in real-time. 

Evolve. Integrate distribution and transportation to manage multi-tier replenishment including allocation, inventory balancing and transfer orders.

Accelerate. Distribute orders better across the network, while automating routes, schedules, and transportation decisions.

Your Outcomes Delivered

  • Reduce Freight Spend

    Cut transportation costs while increasing revenue by better configuring your truckload shipments.

  • Crush Constraints

    Incorporate real-world transportation and labor factors into the design and execution of your replenishment plans.

  • Don’t Just Succeed, Sustain

    Create more efficient loads for best capacity utilization, full trucks, and reduced CO2 impacts.

  • See It Coming

    Spot and quickly mitigate unforeseen risks and events by synchronizing efforts across your multi-tier network.

  • Deliver on Promises

    Hit your best achievable customer service levels by allocating inventory intelligently and tweaking order parameters for efficiency.

  • Seeing Is Aligning

    Integrate your trading partners into the plan by granting them proper visibility across your multi-enterprise network.

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Deliver More

Linking supply chain planning and execution is just the beginning. See what the rest of the Atlas Planning Platform has in store for you!


When planning becomes integrated...

The Atlas Planning Platform takes you beyond S&OP by uniting disparate elements of your business into a single powerful process that integrates operational and financial plans to maximize business opportunities and minimize risk.

Atlas starts by integrating your demand and supply data from all sources and granting proper levels of supply chain visibility to all stakeholders. Then it employs collaborative planning, automated workflows, and real-time scenarios to generate valuable insights, understand the financial impact and execute based on strategic goals.

But that’s just the start.

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