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End-to-End AI-Powered
Probabilistic Planning

A New Standard for Supply Chain Agility and Adaptability

Revolutionize Your Supply Chain with End-to-End Probabilistic Planning

John Galt Solutions is introducing a unique end-to-end probabilistic planning approach to the market-leading Atlas Planning Platform. Providing a complete model of real-world supply chain probabilities, this groundbreaking approach revolutionizes the way you manage risk and opportunity, allowing you to capitalize on uncertainty and variability to drive superior outcomes.

Supply Chain Planning is Ready for a Transformation

Traditional supply chain planning methods often fall short in today’s dynamic environment, treating supply chains in terms of certainty and accuracy. But we’re changing the game. Our end-to-end probabilistic planning approach, powered by AI-driven Q-learning, offers a comprehensive model of real-world supply chain probabilities.

With our innovative method, you can identify opportunities faster, stay ahead of uncertainty, and assess value across multiple dimensions at every step of the decision-making process. No longer will uncertainty be a barrier; instead, let it become an opportunity for creating value.

The Atlas Difference: A Game-Changer for Supply Chains

The Atlas Planning Platform sets itself apart by incorporating a wide array of probabilistic outcomes across purchasing, manufacturing, demand, supply, and costs. Discover our innovative model embracing the natural ranges of outcomes and unpredictability that goes beyond demand, and across all critical supply chain elements. By evaluating the probability and consequences of different future events, you can enhance strategic decision-making and achieve superior results.

Atlas’ digital supply chain twin continuously learns and reoptimizes in response to ongoing risks, so you can make decisions with greater confidence. Adjust and align risk with your organization’s tolerance, goals, and strategies to maximize results.

  • Identify opportunity faster and capitalize on uncertainty.
  • Assess value across multiple dimensions, factoring in uncertainty at each step of the decision-making process.
  • Measure the value of uncertainty in resource utilization and timing, projecting the benefits and risks of each decision as costs or savings.

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Take the Next Step in the Future of Supply Chain Planning

Join the probabilistic movement and revolutionize the way your business manages uncertainty and variability across your end-to-end supply chain. Schedule some time with one of our experts to learn more.