The Sustainable Supply Chain

Transform Sustainability to Drive Customer Value

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The Atlas Difference 

We all have a part to play in making the world a better place for future generations. At John Galt, we believe this starts with the supply chain. 

Today’s supply chains impact every aspect of a company’s business, a product’s lifecycle, manufacturing, transportations, returns, and how customers engage. Now, more than ever, companies are being held to a higher standard. Customers, employees, and shareholders don’t just expect more…they demand more. 

Making Your Sustainability Journey a Reality

Start. Establish and measure against sustainability KPIs, demonstrate progress and simplify reporting. 

Evolve. Develop and deliver on processes that design out waste across the supply chain factoring returns, replacement, transportation, CO2, shelf-life, and so much more. 

Accelerate. Optimize your end-to-end multi-enterprise supply chain to align with your sustainability initiatives.

Achieve Your Sustainability Goals Today; Plan for a Better Tomorrow

  • Design Out Waste

    Utilize materials more efficiently from the design process all the way through manufacturing and delivery to the customer. 

  • Go Beyond CO2 Reductions

    Optimize every aspect of your supply chain from suppliers to partners to customers to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). 

  • Shape Sustainable Demand

    Consumers have a strong desire to buy from companies that aggressively pursue sustainable measures. 

  • Anticipate and Simulate Risks

    Quickly sense potential disruptions and run simulations to ensure the right response to keep your sustainability initiatives intact. 

  • Engage in the Circular Economy

    Factor returns in your planning. Consider recapturing components to assemble new products. Let the circular economy create new revenue streams. 

  • Optimize the Network

    Automatically evaluate and select the ideal container loads and routes to meet sustainability and financial targets. 

  • Satisfy Current and Future Regulations

    Sustainability is here to stay, and companies will be required to meet increasingly stricter regulations. Be ready today.

  • Endless Data Points

    Sustainability requires the ability to measure and report on multiple data points including CO2 emissions, water usage, land use, energy consumption, rate of return and so much more. 

John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software