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Supply chains are being reshaped daily by a range of powerful forces: Overwhelming complexity. Evolving business models. Changing customer preferences. Supply disruptions. Demand uncertainty. Unforeseen opportunities and new initiatives.

To create a pathway forward, you need to accelerate your digital transformation by ditching rigid traditional supply chain planning tools. The goal is to connect data, decisions, and operations on a single unified planning platform…and that requires a special combination of experience, technical innovation, and practical application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to real-world supply chain management.

Here's a quick look at some of the unique qualities that make John Galt Solutions your perfect partner for optimizing supply chain plans, augmenting human decision making, and automating operational best practices.

Our Special Qualifications

  • Real-World Ready

    Our supply chain planning software delivers payback fast. Implementations typically go live in as little as twelve weeks. That’s extraordinary for such a uniquely flexible, comprehensive solution with as much depth and breadth as we deliver. A recognized Leader by third parties including Gartner, IDC and Nucleus Research, the Atlas Planning Platform delivers fully proven results, accelerates your digital supply chain transformation, and is trusted by leading companies around the world and across industries to solve real-world global planning challenges. We work at the point where practical pragmatism meets the art of the possible.

  • Continuous Intelligence

    Our composable framework brings together analytics and real-time data from all sources onto a single platform with one unified data model. Inputs span multiple time horizons across a nearly limitless spectrum of sources from ERP to sales and marketing, finance, point of sale (POS), IoT sensors, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and more. Changes propagate seamlessly and automatically across our supply chain planning software. At the heart of our platform is a digital supply chain twin – creating a continuous real-time digital view of your entire physical supply chain delivering end-to-end visibility and a continuous view to the real world. Other systems aspire to offer this capability while our customers benefit from it today. A holistic approach combined with an intuitive user experience delivers continuous insights and recommendations that minimize decision latency and improve productivity.

  • Data-Driven Approach

    Our advanced AI and machine learning analyze the mountains of available data that can overwhelm other systems, transforming it into useful knowledge and actionable insights. Using real-world data to drive real-time planning and supply chain strategies is a reality for our users today, not a goal for the future. One example is using IoT sensors to contribute real-time intelligence that automatically hones transportation deployments, and demand and replenishment strategies for maximum efficiency. We help supply chain professionals like you stop fiddling with the plan, remove silos, and make better, faster and more confident decisions.

  • Ahead of the Innovation Curve

    We are known for our contributions to supply chain science, as well as our unusually high R&D investment, world-famous Innovation Lab program, and strength in translating structured and unstructured data into demand and supply strategies. Our grasp of modern technologies, architectures, and approaches ensures your supply chain will flexibly adapt to rapidly changing market dynamics now and in the future. Making advanced supply chain science accessible and easy to use delivers next-generation technologies to your supply chain practitioners today.

  • An A-Plus Experience

    Our team of mathematicians, engineers, data scientists and consultants bring an unparalleled depth of supply chain experience, industry knowledge, and best practices awareness. Our award-winning team has been recognized for its contributions in modeling, optimization, and automation. We’re a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning. We work with the foremost research organizations to stay on top of trends and direct our software development. We partner with customers at all stages of maturity, supporting their digital supply chain transformation through our Innovation Lab, health checks, continuous training, and education resources. Driving supply chain planning excellence is not just one thing we do. It’s all we do.

  • Linking Finance + Planning + Execution

    CSCOs and CFOs need to work in tandem. While supply chain teams ensure the availability of product to achieve service level and profitability goals, financial considerations impact the plan dramatically, from costs for fuel and raw materials to targets for cash flow and profitability. Our single end-to-end view of the business continuously connects finance with supply chain planning to deal intelligently with global tradeoffs, dependencies, uncertainty, and variability. Collaborating on data, decisions and operations through a common platform improves and accelerates decisions across roles and domains.

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John Galt Solutions Awards
Recognition, Awards, and Accolades

Applause from Industry Experts

We have been recognized by leading industry publications, research and consulting firms, and supply chain leaders for our innovative solutions that generate superior business outcomes. Examples:


Nucleus Research

IDC MarketScape

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Raves from Our Customers

Across industries and continents, customers rave about the Atlas Planning Platform and our services across sites such as Gartner Peer Insights and Capterra where our Atlas Planning Platform is rated 4.9 out of five stars and 95% percent of users would recommend it to others.

“Atlas Planning has allowed us to take a quantum leap forward in our delivery planning process, and we are able to achieve the holy grail of providing both better customer service and greater operational efficiency.” 

“An intelligent planning platform that manages our complexity while continuously optimizing inventory and replenishment to shifts in demand has been a game changer.” 

“John Galt’s Atlas Planning Platform is the standard that all should aspire to.” 

“Extremely effective automated demand forecasting and delivery planning.” 

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John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software
Strategic Global Partnerships to Drive Your Success

With a steadfast focus on providing unparalleled value to our customers globally and across industries, we strategically partner with leading technology firms, trusted advisors and consultants, seasoned system integrators, as well as value-added resellers. These partnerships strengthen our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of supply chains navigating through unprecedented waves of change.

In a landscape where the demand for innovative strategies is paramount to maintaining service levels while driving down costs, we empower you to overcome challenges and transform your supply chain for sustained growth. As we continue to expand our partner ecosystem, we aim to propel the expansion of innovative supply chain management solutions, ensuring you have the tools and support needed to conquer the diverse array of challenges you face.

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John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software
Supporting Your Supply Chain Transformation, Wherever You Are in the World

Embark on a transformative journey based upon decades of industry expertise and learnings from hundreds of successful supply chain transformations. We guide you wherever you are in the world and at any stage of your supply chain maturity journey. Work with our dedicated customer success team to elevate your processes, improve decision-making, and take your supply chain to a whole new level to power your profitable growth.

With our systematic program, Pathways to Evolve, we support you at every stage to start, evolve and accelerate your supply chain planning processes. This comprehensive maturity model is tailored to meet your unique objectives and ensure progression. Leveraging our strong experience, connectivity to the market and insights from industry analysts, the Pathways to Evolve model is crafted to meet your current objectives while delivering transformational outcomes.

Identify the most effective supply chain strategy and next steps with the Atlas Planning Platform as the key technology enabler to drive your digital supply chain transformation for long-term success.

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