Today’s supply chains impact every aspect of a company’s business, a product’s lifecycle, manufacturing, transportation, returns, how customers engage, and the environment around us. Now more than ever, companies need to thrive amid constant volatility and drive sustainable value. Supply shortages, demand volatility, strained labor markets, and geopolitical events challenge our global supply chains. The sheer complexity requires more than a reliance on ERP, homegrown solutions and spreadsheets to discern actionable intelligence that will drive the business forward. In its 2022 edition of the Supply Chain Planning Technology Value Matrix, Nucleus Research analyzes and ranks supply chain planning vendors on across two key criteria: usability and functionality.

According to Nucleus Research, organizations that adopt new supply chain planning technology can expect “enhancements to machine-learning decision-making, multi-tier supplier networks, and signal detection” along with more granular planning across multiple time horizons, collaboration across supplier networks, inventory and allocation optimization, and more.

As consumer expectations continue to grow businesses must prioritize agility in their supply chains. Supply chain planning solutions must identify and alert planners to disruptions quickly requiring extensive data from various locations. Ease of integration with internal and external data systems is a key differentiator in the software’s performance. Real-time data allows supply chain planning solutions to identify, anticipate, and alert businesses to potential disruptions to ensure speedy reactions.

Leading supply chain planning solutions like John Galt Solutions’ Atlas Planning Platform offer AI-driven predictive analytics and prescriptive recommendations to automate regular variations in supply and demand. Nucleus Research notes, the popularity of AI and machine learning has increased among end-users as these forecasts routinely surpass the accuracy of traditional statistical models based on now less relevant historical data. Organizations of various sizes are turning to these functions to leverage AI decision-making across supplier management and route optimization, augment the capabilities of smaller teams without increasing headcount, and transform mountains of data into actionable insights.

With a keen focus on ROI and delivery of value to customers, Nucleus Research’s Supply Chain Planning Technology Value Matrix 2022 evaluated supply chain planning vendors through the functionality and usability of the software across extensive capabilities.

John Galt Solutions is positioned as a leader highlighting the Atlas Planning Platform, a comprehensive, SaaS-based end-to-end supply chain planning solution. Atlas helps companies bridge the gap between planning and execution by synchronizing, automating, and optimizing supply chain processes.

Download the full Value Matrix to see why Nucleus research named John Galt Solutions a leader with the highest usability score.