Outperform and Outdeliver with
Supply Chain Planning

Orchestrate Data, Decisions and Operations
on a Single Platform

John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software
Atlas Planning Software Platform

Supply Chain
Orchestration Reimagined

Outperform and Outdeliver with
Supply Chain Planning

Orchestrate Data, Decisions and Operations
on a Single Platform

Supply Chain Planning Software
Your supply chain is complex.
Customers are demanding.
You need strength in planning.

Whether you're stuck in spreadsheets or further along in your digital supply chain journey, John Galt Solutions helps you create the right strategy wherever you are in your transformation.

Focused on quickly delivering tangible business outcomes, John Galt Solutions brings to you a rich history of innovation in supply chain planning, advances in machine learning and AI, and unmatched customer service to continuously help you make better, faster and more confident decisions.

Elevate Your Planning

Transform Uncertainty into Opportunity

Explore a complete model of your real-world supply chain probabilities to revolutionize the way manage risk and opportunity, powered by John Galt Solutions AI-powered probabilistic planning.

Empower Your Supply Chain with
AI-Driven Insights and Actions

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to analyze vast amounts of data and gain real-time actionable insights. Go beyond predicting trends and identifying potential issues. The AI-powered Atlas Planning Platform helps you orchestrate your end-to-end supply chain and accelerate more informed decisions to manage risk and uncertainty, and drive profitable growth.

Leverage advanced automation, scenario planning, AI and machine learning. Create a powerful digital supply chain twin for unparalleled visibility and continuous intelligence across your end-to-end supply chain. With Atlas, you always have the most accurate and relevant insights at your fingertips to seize opportunities and maximize results.

Supply Chain Reimagined

It’s time to evolve your supply chain planning to maximize opportunities, reduce risk and quickly drive business value. Fueled by the power of AI, John Galt Solution helps you replace rigid systems and processes with innovations that drive visibility, agility and flexibility to accelerate your digital transformation.

Phenomenal Planning Tool Well Worth Its Value

"This product has reduced non valued added work and allows us to plan our business better. The order launcher (master planning) makes planning our finished goods with our packagers quite easy and helps create a master schedule for our contract packagers."

Supply Chain Analysis Manager

Atlas Planning is the Standard All Should Aspire To

"John Galt has earned a reputation of being the top forecasting provider in the industry. When I have talked to their competitors' sales teams, they've basically stopped trying to sell me because they know we are already working with the best in the market."

Chief Operating Officer

Extremely Effective Demand and Delivery Planning

"We use Atlas to automate our delivery planning process. It allows us to easily integrate large amounts of extremely granular data to predict product consumption, manage inventory, and launch replenishment orders automatically at a day/product/store level."

Director, Delivery Optimization

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Maximize Your Supply Chain Power

Experience the Atlas Planning Platform to connect and orchestrate your end-to-end supply chain, enabling faster and more confident decisions. Make the most of AI, advanced analytics, and automation to unlock unprecedented value and transform data into actionable insights.