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The Volatile New Normal

Improving Demand Forecast

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Predicts 2021:
Organizational Resilience

Organizational resilience remains a strategic imperative,
growing in importance as businesses face threats from
pandemics, cybercrime, severe weather, etc.

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Develop a Statistical Forecast in Minutes.

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Atlas Planning is Your World-Class End-to-End Digital Supply Chain Platform.


Powerful Platform

Integrate planning, eliminate mundane manual tasks, and focus on predictive planning to fuel S&OP/IBP.
Model your digital supply chain planning process with flexible configuration.
Optimize your business process for transformative results.


Intelligent Automation

Automate complex data tasks to increase sales, lower costs, & maximize efficiency.
Synchronize models with dynamic granularity to match the real-world supply chain.
Maximize efficiency while minimizing risk for sustainable ROI.


Safe and Secure

Protect and control your data on a multi-tier architecture with fully configurable role-based user permissions.
Prevent threats 24×7 with proactive defenses against continuously evolving attacks.
Stay in compliance with ongoing monitoring of HIPAA, PCI and other standards.

Atlas Planning Platform

Multi-Enterprise Digital Supply Chain Planning

Atlas creates an end-to-end value network that delivers visibility across your extended multi-enterprise digital supply chain for enhanced customer and supplier collaboration.

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  • Gain visibility to your entire supply chain
  • Reduce inventory while improving customer service levels
  • Collaborate with Sales, Marketing, Finance and other stakeholders
  • Leverage the latest machine learning capabilities
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Powerful Forecasting in Excel

ForecastX is an Excel plug-in that produces accurate statistical forecasts in just a few clicks. The tool gives you statistical power along with the infinite flexibility of Excel.

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  • Get started in 10 minutes
  • Industry leading forecast accuracy
  • Build the right amount of inventory
  • Plan for events and promotions
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Build a Resilient, AI-Powered Digital Supply Chain

Machine learning is integrated into the very fabric of the Atlas Planning Platform, supporting continuous digital end-to-end planning.

Atlas seamlessly integrates structured and unstructured planning data sources and then models the data through a unified data model that instantly ripples changes across all relevant time horizons throughout your multi-enterprise digital supply chain. The platform leverages advanced AI, machine learning, and MEIO so you can partner with customers to succeed in the digital age.

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“After only a couple of months we have already seen improvements in our forecast accuracy and process with Atlas.”

Vice President of Global Supply Chain

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Industry's Happiest Customers!

According to Gartner's independent customer survey study, John Galt has the happiest customers in the industry.

The Supply Chain Planning System of Record MQ reference check is part of the data gathering effort to help Gartner® build on their existing knowledge of the leading vendors in the market.

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Drive Resilient Supply Chain Planning

Learn how to leverage technology to make faster predictions and account for multiple scenarios to drive resiliency in your supply chain.

In a world of increasingly complex linkages and uncertainty, organizations must evolve to supply chain planning by moving from a deterministic mode of planning to a stochastic model – Gartner calls this new model resilient planning. The Gartner research, Mastering Uncertainty: The Rise of Resilient Supply Chain Planning, identifies how supply chain leaders can embrace emerging technology to incorporate resilience in supply chain planning.

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Make Better Decisions

Continuously analyze performance to understand the impact of events and decisions throughout your multi-enterprise digital supply chain.

Every decision you make ripples throughout your supply chain across all planning horizons. With the power of the Atlas unified data model, you will instantly understand the impact of your decisions on your operating budget, proforma P&L, and balance sheet. And markets change quickly which is why Atlas is designed to also instantly capture the impact of unforeseen events throughout your multi-enterprise digital supply chain.

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