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Streamline Production Schedules to Maximize Throughput

Confidently Manufacture Greater Efficiency

Harnessing the full potential of variable plant resources, materials and capacity requires the ability to create efficiency out of complexity through scheduling. Atlas Schedule spans all your production facilities so you can adjust to changes in production sequence anywhere and everywhere.

John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software
Align Scheduling and Planning to Balance Resources and Constraints.

Start. Synchronize multi-plant schedules and distill master production plans into smart daily manufacturing plans.

Evolve. Schedule dynamically to meet due dates by maxing out utilization against material and production constraints.

Accelerate. Confidently achieve the highest potential plant throughput possible in accordance with your business and profit goals.

Easy to Use Scheduling for Manufacturers and Producers

  • Know Your Limits

    Model network complexity, production constraints and dependencies across all supply chain tiers to find the best executable action plan.

  • Schedule, Plan, Team

    Put planners and schedulers on the same team to translate master production plans into granular, daily local plant schedules and processes.

  • See the Complete Picture

    Quickly finesse your resource allocation with confidence based on flexible scheduling views, access reports, scorecards and KPI dashboards that keep you apprised of key metrics.

  • Cut through Complexity

    Atlas gives you mastery over variable production characteristics, complex sequence rules, variable BOMS, and changing material availability.

John Galt Solutions - Supply Chain Management Software

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The right production plan requires more comprehensive, intelligent visibility across the supply chain. A level of visibility only Atlas can deliver.


When planning becomes integrated...

The Atlas Planning Platform takes you beyond S&OP by uniting disparate elements of your business into a single powerful process that integrates operational and financial plans to maximize business opportunities and minimize risk.

Atlas starts by integrating your demand and supply data from all sources and granting proper levels of supply chain visibility to all stakeholders. Then it employs collaborative planning, automated workflows, and real-time scenarios to generate valuable insights, understand the financial impact and execute based on strategic goals.

But that’s just the start.

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