Demand fluctuations, consumer preference changes, and material shortages requires accurate, consistent planning. But the most nuanced plan in the world is meaningless if the product cannot be fulfilled, moved, and delivered. Companies need a way to link planning and execution together to make sure they can actually deliver the products. Integrating planning into often siloed functions of transportation, warehouse, and labor constraints brings new insights into planning and a competitive edge in tightening markets. 

Increasing consumer expectations require the options to shop and receive goods where they want, when they want, and how they want. Sourcing is more complex as manufacturers diversify suppliers to reduce risks and maneuver ongoing shortages of materials and capacity. And labor shortages and port and container issues continue to bog down the smooth flow of goods. Supply chain planning carries more risks and rewards than ever before. Linking supply chain planning (SCP) and supply chain execution (SCE) together is essential in order to translate strategic intent into distribution plans. This approach helps ensure the right products and quantity are available at each location to meet customer preferences and projected demand. 

When warehousing, labor and transportation are integrated into planning activities, companies can answer critical questions before they commit time and resources to manufacturing goods, accepting an order, or promising a delivery. By linking planning and execution together, planners can answer key questions to convert orders into intelligent shipments that boost your customer service levels.  

We’re not the only ones that see a benefit to this. In this ebook we highlight two case studies, one from the consumer durables sector and another from chemical distribution.  

To cope with today’s more challenging marketplace, companies need to strongly link supply chain planning and supply chain execution on a single platform. John Galt Solutions’ Atlas Planning Platform enables you to fulfill, move and deliver the products you have forecasted while optimizing your resources, addressing increased supply chain and demand variability, reducing waste and markdowns, and making your customers happy. 

Delivery reliability makes a direct impact on customer satisfaction, costs, and profitability. By linking distribution and transportation on a single unified platform, Atlas simplifies the process, empowers insightful decisions, and streamlines execution. Constraints can’t undermine your service levels now! 

“For those who keep tabs on the global supply chain, the very concept of a return to normalcy has given way to a begrudging acceptance that a new normal may be unfolding.”

New York Times 

Download this ebook to deliver the vision of a supply chain that integrates planning and execution and brings your stakeholders together, all working towards a common goal.