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Level Up Demand Management with Real-Time Continuous Planning

Forecast accuracy and demand variability are key challenges supply chain organizations face across all industries and geographies. Faced with uncertainty, it is critical the decisions you make are guided by data through the application of science to help you sense and respond faster to changes around you.

Let’s plan your journey to demand planning excellence:

Start. Model your base demand and understand the forecastability of your data; a strong plan builds trust and collaboration with sales, marketing, finance and more.

Evolve. Optimize and expand the models (life cycle, attribute-based, regression); understand demand through segmentation; gain visibility beyond your network.

Accelerate. Automate and optimize the forecast with machine learning; incorporate POS, IoT, weather and more; shape demand to reduce risk and boost customer service.

Transform. Collaborate and seamlessly integrate data from across your multi-enterprise supply chain ecosystem; enable greater automation and insights into demand.

Capacity Planning

“We have already seen improvements in our forecast accuracy and process with the Atlas Planning Platform.”

Francois Callait, Vice president of Global Supply Chain at NETGEAR

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Outcomes Delivered

Sense, Analyze, Plan, Shape Demand

Accurate Forecasts

Let the system automatically select and optimize the forecast to remove bias, improve service and reduce inventory

Incorporate Promotions and Events

Use advanced statistical forecasts to plan new product introductions and phase-outs, holidays, promotions and short life cycle products.

Collaborate on One Plan

Consensus demand planning made simple. Seamlessly collaborate and integrate with sales, marketing, supply chain, and finance.

Sense Demand

Automate and optimize forecasts with machine learning; utilize structured and unstructured data to predict changes to your business.

Smarter and Faster Decisions with AI

Automate routine processes to free resources; turn data into insights to maximize profitability, reduce risk and boost customer service.

Life Cycle Planning

Plan from product launch to retirement, even with little to no history with supercession and attribute-based forecasting.

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