The rapidly changing nature of modern supply chains has rendered traditional methods and historical data increasingly unreliable in the realm of demand planning – imposing the need for alternative approaches and advanced technologies. Companies must adapt to the new business reality by embracing advanced solutions to accurately forecast demand, evolve planning practices, and effectively navigate the intricacies and complexities of today’s supply chain dynamics.

In this research report, Nucleus Research examines the ways in which companies have embraced Supply Chain Planning (SCP) technology and adopted best practices to revolutionize their demand planning processes and achieve impressive results.

The report examines how businesses have taken significant strides towards modernizing their operations, migrating from legacy systems or manual tools and Excel to advanced SCP solutions. Nucleus’ findings highlight how companies leverage technology to evolve capabilities and operations across key areas of demand planning, and the impact the solutions had on their businesses.

Nucleus Research identifies the key capabilities that have the most significant impact when adopted by organizations; advanced analytics, demand signal ingestion, and probabilistic and scenario planning. The analyst firm also highlights key areas where best practices must be applied, including automation, IBP (Integrated Business Planning), granular forecasting, and more.

Why Read This Report? 

To thrive and succeed in today’s evolving landscape, it is imperative for companies to reassess their supply chain operations and critically rethink their strategies to stay ahead of constant change and increasing market volatility. This reassessment process should begin with an examination of the current demand planning practices and functionality.

We believe this report from Nucleus Research provides valuable insights and in-depth analysis to uncover success stories of organizations that have leveraged SCP software solutions and adopted strategies to transform their demand planning operations, leading to significant business outcomes.

Read this report to learn how companies like yours achieve remarkable improvements in demand forecast accuracy of up to 27 percent, and how these enhancements translate into substantial reductions in inventory costs and service level improvements.


Gain insights on the strategies and technologies that drive demand planning success and get a competitive edge to thrive amid uncertainty.