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Supply Management

Plan Proactively for Production

To meet production requirements, manufacturers must balance the limitations of their resources against the needs of customer demand. Manufacturers find it difficult to react quickly and intelligently to changes in demand without proper supply management software, such as planning & scheduling tools.

Equipment, time constraints, and personnel limitations combine to limit the maximum capacity of any production environment. Supply management is needed to take your demand plan through production capacity and into the actual machines and resources needed to produce your product. As part of a comprehensive supply chain planning software, use Atlas Supply Management to overcome difficult planning and scheduling challenges including change overs, production down time, change in demand and production campaigns. See more key supply management capabilities listed below.

Supply Management

1. Rough Cut Capacity Planning

  • Visualize your resources for short term and long term planning for Executive S&OP
  • Translate your capacity into any unit of measure including weight, pallets, cases, and more
  • Simulate resource changes and understand the effects immediately
  • Review and allocate capacity across a multiple-site network
  • Identify bottlenecks in real time respecting both sourcing constraints and lead times
  • Easily change configuration, rules and calculation and see the effect in real time.
  • Flexible user-defined planning algorithms
  • Dynamic S&OP reports that provide visibility to Executive for better decision making

2. Master Production Scheduling

  • Generate an optimized time phased production plan that balances customer service and supply chain costs
  • Allows for leveling and smoothing production so that you effectively utilize capacity to drive production schedules and material plans.
  • Supports a multi-level MPS to support postponement strategies that minimize risk in assembling and manufacturing finished products until needed.
  • Includes real time available-to-promise (ATP) capabilities that allow you to check resource availability before making a commitment to deliver an order to a customer.
  • Considers time phased BOMS as well as future expired inventory for a most accurate projected production plan
  • Provide for firming of planned orders which allows planners to stabilize portions of the plan without disrupting manufacturing and procurement environments.
  • Considers revenue and costs in the supply chain to come up with the most profit-optimal plan

3. Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • Create a production schedule at any level considering both capacity constraints and material availability simultaneously
  • Provides schedule optimization rules to deal with problems such as minimizing changeover times, preferred sequencing and campaigning
  • Support both backward- and forward- finites scheduling techniques
  • Maintain unlimited number of resources, products and operations
  • Provides concurrent rule usage, and advanced inter-operation constraints
  • Visualize assembly process from raw materials through to finished goods
  • Provides tank management and scheduling for liquid storage and processing

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