Supply Management


Supply Management

Plan Proactively for Production

Only 30% of companies have a feasible plan to balance assets, inventory and growth strategies.  With shrinking product life cycles, changing consumer demand, margin pressure and reduced supplier capacity;  it has never been more important to create reliable long term capacity plans and short-term detailed schedules. All too often companies struggle to find the best trade-off between manufacturing efficiencies, material and resource availability, and manufacturing schedules.  John Galt understands that business leaders need strength in solutions to drive increased production throughput, respect manufacturing constraints, optimize changeovers and lower inventory of finished goods and raw materials.

How do you drive results?

  • Start by integrating capacity and volume plan information from production plants and suppliers. Take into consideration material availability and reconcile long and miter term productions plans on the same platform.
  • Evolve by capturing reliable short term and mid term demand signals from warehouses, distribution centers and shipping locations to adjust production plans. Take into consideration delivery channel constraints, sequence coordination and customer specific service level agreements into the plan. As the market changes, respond faster through scenario planning and evaluate    changes to capacity, raw material availability, and the impact on margins, costs and inventory levels.
  • Accelerate your process by modeling multi-tier value networks with multiple trading partners. Move beyond a focus on lowering total cost and increasing profitability to also evaluating risk mitigation, customer service and cost to serve trade-offs.

Hundreds of global brands trust Atlas to deliver results and improve their processes.   At John Galt we are practitioners, teachers and innovators and combine math and science to real world problems.  Atlas Supply helps you optimize production planning and scheduling for single or multiple plants while including real-world manufacturing constraints and dependencies.  Ready to synchronize demand, production and material plans?  Contact us to get started today with the Atlas Supply application.

Capacity Planning

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Rough Cut Capacity Planning

  • Resolve bottlenecks in real-time respecting both sourcing constraints, lead times, and other production considerations
  • Model the effect of changes in production routing on cost, capacity and overall profitability
  • Review and allocate capacity across sites, vendors, and production resources
  • Visualize your short- and long-term resource decision making for Executive S&OP and IBP processes
  • Dynamic reports that provide visibility to executives for better decision making
  • Translate your capacity into any unit of measure including weight, pallets, cases, and more
  • Change configuration, rules, and calculations to see the effect in real-time

Master Production Scheduling

  • Use machine learning to generate an optimized, time-phased production plan that balances customer service and supply chain costs
  • Effectively plan production schedules and materials procurement, taking capacity into account
  • Pursue opportunities with confidence with real-time capable-to-promise visibility
  • Use AI to identify alternate production strategies to meet business goals
  • Integrate multi-enterprise production schedules with co-packers, off-site processors, etc.
  • Integrate the needs of demand and network replenishment in a unified planning model
  • Support multi-level MPS to minimize risk in assembling and manufacturing finished products
  • Use AI to identify items that will benefit from alternate production strategies such as postponement
  • Plan sub-assemblies and components with time-phased and multi-level BOMS
  • Manage future expired inventory for the most accurate projected production plan
  • Compare multiple scenarios based on inventory, service level, profitability, and other metrics

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • Optimize every level of scheduling considering both capacity constraints and material availability simultaneously
    • o Synchronize production across multiple sites and production resources
    • o Schedule finished goods, WIP, and material planning
  • Simulate schedules with What Ifs to determine the optimal strategy
  • Utilize built-in flexible schedule optimization for:
    • Minimizing changeover times
    • Achieving preferred sequencing
    • Reducing WIP
    • Campaigning
  • Support both backward- and forward-finites scheduling techniques
  • Maintain unlimited number of resources, products, and operations
  • Provide concurrent rule usage and advanced inter-operation constraints
  • Visualize your assembly process from raw materials through to finished goods
  • Finalize schedules with drag-and-drop and job-locking to meet customer needs
  • Schedule a variety of businesses:
    • Make-to-stock and make-to-order
    • Process manufacturing
    • Discrete manufacturing
    • Print and packaging
    • Tanks and scheduling for liquid storage and processing

Part of an End-to-End Planning Solution

Supply Management is powerful on its own but better as part of our comprehensive Atlas Planning platform.

End-to-end supply chain planning just got a little easier. See it in action with a free demo based on your industry, or even your own data.


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