Among many inspirational quotes out there, there is one that goes: “There are dreamers and there are planners; the planners make their dreams come true.” With so much uncertainty on the horizon, we know many supply chain leaders are dreaming of a supply chain that can fully withstand any challenges – and we also know that planners with the right mindset, technology and processes will have what it takes to make these dreams become a reality. 

The importance of supply planning cannot be overstated. A strong foundation built on solid supply planning capabilities is critical to create a resilient supply chain and thrive in today’s complex landscape. Companies need to continuously level up their strategies. Start by evaluating and enhancing processes to establish a foundation for more nuance and flexibility in production planning, followed by capabilities that allow for more granularity and complexity to optimize capacity usage and balance trade-offs.  

Supply planning is a continuous journey – it requires organizations to constantly monitor their capabilities to ensure planners can quickly and effectively respond to market dynamics. The journey towards advancing in this area can be divided into several stages, each building upon the previous one and paving the way for greater maturity and success. 

In this visual guide, we start by identifying some typical obstacles that can present a barrier for companies to evolve beyond basic foundational tools, followed by key steps for leveling up. Let’s explore ways to introduce significant improvements in visibility, efficiency, and profitability – and take the next step towards more holistic and strategic planning.  

View this infographic to discover how you can advance in your supply capacity and production planning to address supply chain challenges with more confidence and yield greater results.