Supply Chain Analytics


Supply Chain Analytics

Using analytics to make better decisions faster

Atlas Supply Chain Analytics provides actionable recommendations like never before. Powerful Machine Learning models harmonize and mine structured and unstructured data to glean insights for both demand and supply chain planning. This allows planners to assimilate new information and intelligently respond far more quickly than in the past.

Atlas Supply Chain Analytics offers virtually unlimited flexibility to automate your most time-intensive data transformation tasks and leverage ML algorithms to power complex decision making and recommendations.

John Galt puts the right demand management capabilities at your fingertips. Dive into the sections below to see how the Atlas Planning Platform could benefit the demand and supply side of your daily operations and long-term goals.

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Supply Chain Segmentation

A top challenge among demand planning teams is having too many products and not enough time to address them all. Planners often don’t know where to start or they work long hours with little to show for their efforts.

Atlas’ Predictive Supply Chain Analytics allows you to cut the overtime, dramatically improve forecast accuracy, and focus your efforts on tasks that affect the bottom line. Prioritize efforts that yield the best results thanks to advanced supply chain segmentation features that can evaluate the predictive value of your data.

Spend your time on what makes the most sense by using automated machine learning to prescribe planning approaches to drive revenue.

Use our automated machine learning to:

  • Prescribe the optimal planning approach by analyzing different metrics and KPIs including:
    • Profitability
    • Forecast accuracy
    • Resilience / Supply risk
    • And more
  • Automatically find meaningful relationships to segment your data in new and insightful ways based on any dimension of data (e.g. product lifecycle, location)
  • Provide executive views and drill-downs to explain planning insights
  • Optimize planning activities based on business priorities: inventory costs, supply chain management costs, resiliency, customer service, profitability
  • Prescribe inventory, procurement, and manufacturing polices autonomously (Prescriptive Analytics)
  • Evaluate the predictive value of different data streams including POS, orders, shipments, and any other data source
  • Create segmentation characteristics, including:
    • Product lifecycle stage
    • Seasonality and trend vs. slow moving
    • Events and outliers
    • Revenue and profits
    • Intermittent
    • Order policies
  • Reduce manual data tasks and human errors
  • Provide user with ability to create queries, reports, and KPI’s (Self-service analytics)

What-If Scenarios & Scenario Analysis

Are you ready if a known risk becomes a reality?

Your business can best respond to situations it has considered, minimizing disruption and maximizing opportunities when customer demand shifts or economies change.

Atlas Supply Chain Analytics lets you make better strategic decisions by helping you assess risk and balance tradeoffs. SCA’s “what-if” capabilities test changes to planning parameters and show the effect on any metric before a decision is made. It’s a smart way to plot a more profitable and stable course for your business.

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Businesses currently use Atlas Supply Chain Analytics to:

  • Compare the end-to-end supply chain impact of numerous scenarios based on any supply chain event or policy
  • Identify resilient options for overcoming any supply chain challenge
  • Manage tradeoffs between competing business priorities, e.g. inventory costs, supply chain management costs, resiliency, customer service, profitability
  • Experiment with alternate supply chain configurations and sourcing policies
  • Evaluate ability to grow and support new opportunities
  • Avoid risks resulting from unplanned shutdowns and other disruptions
  • Collaborate globally on the impact of alternate scenarios across enterprises, regions, and departments

Part of an End-to-End Planning Solution

Supply Chain Analytics is the center of intelligence for Atlas Planning. Atlas SCA is extremely powerful on its own but better as part of a comprehensive Atlas Planning solution. Watch the video presentation above or request your own demo to better understand how SCA extends the resiliency of your supply chain.


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