Supply Chain Analytics Software


Supply Chain Analytics

Analyze, Segment, and Drive Strategic Decisions

With the Supply Chain Analytics software module, customers are able to simulate different scenarios concerning their demand, inventory, and supply. Atlas can present scenarios analysis for your review (predictive) as well execute on the recommended results (prescriptive).

The module provides actionable analytics to assess supply chain risks and eventually automate the results. See more key Supply Chain Analytics capabilities listed below.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics Software Capabilities

Forecastability Analysis

  • Evaluates the predictive value of different data streams including POS, orders, shipments, and any other data source
  • Provides automatic segmentation by customer, location, product, or any other business dimension
  • Creates segmentation characteristics, including:
    • Product lifecycle stage
    • Seasonality and trend vs. slow moving
    • Events and outliers
    • Revenue and profits
    • Intermittent
    • Order policies
  • Evaluates multiple planning approaches (Predictive Analytics) and optimizes on revenue and accuracy
  • Reduces human effort by focusing on products where value can be added
  • Recommends optimal forecasting, inventory, procurement, and manufacturing polices (Prescriptive Analytics)
  • Provides user with ability to create queries, reports, and KPI’s (Self-service analytics)

What-If Scenarios

  • Change any supply chain planning parameter across demand, inventory, supply, and manufacturing
  • View the impact of the change on any planning metric, including inventory cost, customer service, and budget performance
  • Make informed decisions about supply chain tradeoffs and profitability, such as higher customer service vs. lower inventory cost
  • Assess risk in the decision-making process
  • Collaborate globally on the impact of planning policies across regions and supply chain echelons

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