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Supply Chain Analytics

Expose the underlying patterns in your data so you can make fast, well-informed business decisions.

The sources of supply chain data available to your business and its competitors are multiplying. Internal sources, like ERP & inventory data, and external sources, like point of sale (POS) and social media data, all hold competitive advantages waiting to be unlocked. How do you efficiently sift through these data to find actionable insights?

Atlas Supply Chain Analytics uncovers unprecedented, end-to-end supply chain insights for you by bringing all data together into one highly configurable system. With Atlas, your team can analyze, segment, and make actionable recommendations better than ever before.

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Supply Chain Analytics

Forecastability Analysis

A top challenge among demand planning teams is having too many products SKUs and not enough time to address them all. Planners often don’t know where to start or they work long hours with little to show for their efforts.

Atlas Supply Chain Analytics allows you to cut the overtime, dramatically improve forecast accuracy, and focus your efforts on tasks that affect the bottom line. A suite of advanced Forecastability Analysis features lets you segment your data, evaluate the predictive value of data sources, and determine which approaches will yield the best results.

By using Forecastability Analysis in Atlas Supply Chain Analytics, your team will know which activities result in added value before you get started. Use SCA to:

  • Evaluates the predictive value of different data streams including POS, orders, shipments, and any other data source
  • Provide automatic segmentation by customer, location, product, or any other business dimension
  • Create segmentation characteristics, including:
    • Product lifecycle stage
    • Seasonality and trend vs. slow moving
    • Events and outliers
    • Revenue and profits
    • Intermittent
    • Order policies
  • Evaluate multiple planning approaches (Predictive Analytics) and optimizes on revenue and accuracy
  • Reduce human effort by focusing on products where value can be added
  • Recommend optimal forecasting, inventory, procurement, and manufacturing polices (Prescriptive Analytics)
  • Provide user with ability to create queries, reports, and KPI’s (Self-service analytics)

What-If Scenarios & Scenario Analysis

Your demand plan sets the pace of activity across your entire organization. But what happens when a known risk becomes reality and conditions change?

Atlas Supply Chain Analytics lets you make better strategic decisions by helping you assess risk and balance trade-offs. SCA’s “what-if” capabilities allow you to test changes to planning parameters and see the effect on any metric before a decision is made.

By using Atlas Supply Chain Analytics, you can plot a more profitable and stable course for your business. Use SCA to:

  • Change any supply chain planning parameter across demand, inventory, supply, and manufacturing
  • View the impact of the change on any planning metric, including inventory cost, customer service, and budget performance
  • Make informed decisions about supply chain tradeoffs and profitability, such as higher customer service vs. lower inventory cost
  • Assess risk in the decision-making process
  • Collaborate globally on the impact of planning policies across regions and supply chain echelons

Part of an End-to-End Planning Solution

Supply Chain Analytics is the center of intelligence for our modular Atlas Planning Suite and it is the newest Atlas software module. Watch the video presentation above to better understand how SCA supports and extends the benefits of other Atlas software modules. Or use the links below to explore additional capabilities across the Atlas Suite.


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