Did you know that the world's first industrial robot, Unimate, was put to work on an assembly line in a General Motors plant in 1961? Unimate revolutionized manufacturing by performing repetitive tasks with precision and consistency. Its introduction marked a major milestone in automation, paving the way for the widespread adoption of robotics in industries worldwide. From its humble beginnings and limitations, automation has evolved across industry sectors, shaping our processes, improving productivity, and driving innovation.

In the world of supply chain, advanced supply chain automation is revolutionizing how higher-order decisions are made within the supply chain. Analysts consider advanced automation a crucial competency for the future of supply chain management. But what exactly is advanced supply chain automation, and what are the benefits?

This visual guide will help you explore and understand key elements of the concept of advanced automation – including what it consists of, why it’s critical, and how you can get started and progress on your automation maturity journey.

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Supply chains demand faster, more accurate, and consistent real-time decision-making capabilities in an increasingly complex business landscape. Advanced supply chain automation addresses these challenges, which is why it has become a strategic must-have. Are you ready to unlock the immense potential of advanced supply chain automation?

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