What is the true power of automation? Is it more than putting routine tasks on autopilot? What are the latest advances in automation for supply chain planning, and how can it revolutionize your supply chain? If you’re asking these questions, you’re in the right place!

Automation is a crucial tool within supply chain planning software that involves using analytics and processes to truly harness the use of data and allow you to sense, understand, respond to, and learn from rapidly changing market conditions. In this white paper, we dive deep into the remarkable power of automating data, analytics and processes to drive insights and intelligence that helps deliver decisions in a more connected, contextual and continuous manner.

Industry leaders and analyst firms recognize that making faster, more accurate, and informed decisions in real-time is a critical ability required for planners to thrive and succeed in today's complex environment. Organizations must re-engineer their decision-making processes and embrace technology to drive supply chain transformation.

The automation revolution to accelerate supply chain decision-making is well underway and continues to evolve. It is important supply chain teams take the time to learn the extent of this evolution, the capabilities of automation, and how to leverage these capabilities to evolve your supply chain planning processes.

This paper will help you embark on your journey towards a more agile and efficient supply chain powered by automation. Explore the different stages of automation maturity progressing along four levels: awareness, augmented, automated, and autonomous. Then, learn how advanced analytics techniques such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning are reshaping supply chain planning.

Discover the benefits of decision-centric planning as a strategy for mature supply chains to handle increased complexity; data cleansing to feed analytics processes and improve the quality and impact of decisions; and digital supply chain twins that create real-time virtual replicas of supply chains for scenario testing and enhanced decision-making.

To enable advanced supply chain automation, companies need a culture that embraces the latest technology and aligns this with processes and business goals. It’s crucial to have accurate data and near real-time insights, while keeping a focus on automating decision intelligence.

Learn how leading organizations achieve significant cost reductions, driving continuous improvement through cognitive automation, and gain a competitive edge.

Read this white paper to gain valuable insights on how to enable advanced supply chain automation and help you build a roadmap to embrace automation for success in today's complex market.