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Accelerate Decisions, Seize New Opportunities

The Atlas Planning Platform helps you mature your S&OP process and transition to an Integrated Business Planning process linking short-term tactical decision making to long-term strategic planning in one. Collaborate more effectively, quickly evaluate multiple scenarios, understand the financial impact of decisions, and align planning across your entire supply chain – within the enterprise and extending out to trading partners and suppliers.

Establish cross-functional alignment, build trust and operate as one.

Start. Translate demand plans to supply while assessing capacity and inventory; link to financial plans and identify gaps; quickly evaluate multiple scenarios.

Evolve. Balance growth and service to maximize opportunity; collaborate with external partners; plan across multiple time horizons.

Accelerate. Align long-term strategic plans with innovation and operational decision making. Shift from an enterprise focus to a network model to gain clear visibility.

Capacity Planning

“Civica’s digital initiative has partnered supply chain and commercial operations to gain new insights, become more proactive and drive tangible results faster with John Galt.”

Vikram Lamba, CFO at Civica

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Outcomes Delivered

AI-Powered S&OP to Transform Your Business

Collaborate on One Plan

Evaluate trade-offs between demand and supply, and link stakeholders across the enterprise and work from a single source of the truth.

Align Your Processes

Break down silos to develop consensus on demand and supply review, an S&OP process everyone can trust.

Process Improvement

Improve collaboration through automated workflows that help focus resources and ensure you stay aligned with corporate strategy.

Minimize Risk and Maximize Opportunities

Model multiple “what-if” scenarios and simulations to maximize opportunities and align goals to deliver the best business outcomes.

Improve Profitability

Align plans with market opportunity to quickly respond to changes in supply or demand; capitalize on new opportunities.

Accelerate Better Decisions

Make quick, confident decisions to respond quickly to changes in your market conditions and stay ahead of the competition.

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