A renewed focus on cash flow and margins across businesses has increased pressure on the supply chain to eliminate waste and unlock new value by managing working capital more effectively.

For GEON Performance Solutions, a global leader in the formulation, development, and manufacture of performance polymer solutions, at the heart of their IBP transformation is a shift to an integrated plan focused on profitability and cross functional collaboration.



In this session, Richard Herrin, director SI&OP, Integrated Business Planning at GEON Performance Solutions, will share insights into what transformation looks like (where the company was versus where it is headed), the process of transformation, and how to ensure all stakeholders are aligned.

Attendees will learn:

  • The catalyst that sparked the transformation
  • The impact of focusing on cashflow and profitability versus volume
  • Lessons learned along the way
  • The journey is continuous, so what’s next!?


Richard Herrin, Director of Integrated Business Planning, GEON Performance Solutions
Justin Siefert, Chief Marketing Officer, John Galt Solutions
Bob Bowman, Editor-in-Chief, SupplyChainBrain