SCHOLARSHIP - Applications are closed. The next call for applications will open in September 2021

The John Galt Scholarship for Future Supply Chain Leaders


John Galt Solutions, a leader in business forecasting and supply chain solutions, will award a $10,000 scholarship twice a year to individuals seeking undergraduate education in business forecasting or supply chain management. Applications are closed. The winner will be selected and notified by end of July 2021, and their name will be publicly announced in August 2021.

About the scholarship

The scholarship is closed

Please read below for information on what was required to apply.

John Galt Solutions, a leader in business forecasting and supply chain solutions, will award a $10,000 scholarship towards tuition fees to individuals seeking undergraduate education in business forecasting or supply chain management.

All requirements are listed below. Please read these guidelines thoroughly before applying, so that you completely understand what we’re looking for.

You need to be taking classes in supply chain or have a major or minor that is related to supply chain or S&OP. If you cannot show how your study is related to a career in Supply Chain, your application will not be considered.

An eligible applicant must be a current undergraduate student at an accredited higher education institution in the United States for the current academic year, and be enrolled full-time in supply management or S&OP with the intention of seeking a career in the supply chain field. At this time we are not accepting applications from post-graduate students.

The purpose of the scholarship is to help support the next generation of expert forecasters, demand planners and supply chain leaders. The scholarship will be given in the form of a check made out to the educational institution that you’re enrolled in. Applicants do not have to be from the USA – but their educational institution does.

View our previous scholarship winners HERE

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Selection Criteria

Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on the following criteria:

Passion for Supply Chain
You must show a strong Commitment to Pursuing a Career in the Field of Business Forecasting or Supply Chain Management. We want to know what other ways you’re setting yourself up for long-term success in a supply chain career. Tell us about opportunities you’ve seized on-campus and beyond, like participating in supply chain management associations, classes and internships related to forecasting and supply chain management, and other extracurricular activities in the field.

Financial Need
Applicants must have financial need to be considered for the scholarship. One of the main goals of our award is to help a hardworking student focus more on their studies and less on making ends meet. A FAFSA is not required to apply, but in your personal statement please share how this scholarship will help you attain your end goal of a career in the supply chain field. Please also use your statement to showcase any sacrifice you have made to pursue your goal of a career in the supply chain field.

Dedication to Personal Growth
We’re looking for students who are constantly seeking out opportunities to further develop skills and character. In your personal statement, please detail any academic, leadership, volunteer, community or personal achievements that help define you. We want to hear your story and learn what makes you unique.

These three criteria must be addressed within the Personal Statement that you will be asked to upload with your application. If all three criteria are not addressed, your application will be disqualified.

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How do I apply?

We’re glad you asked.

The scholarship is awarded bi-annually and the next call for applications will be open in September 2021. Applicants apply by filling out the information in a form that must include a personal statement. You may also upload any additional information and/or background if you wish, but your application will mostly be judged on the contents of the personal statement. Our independent panel of supply chain experts will be reviewing the applicants' materials without photos or names of applicants.

Frequently asked questions

I don't study supply chain. Can I still apply?

We are looking for future supply chain leaders so your major or minor should be in supply chain. You may still qualify if you are majoring in another field, but you must be enrolled (currently or previously) in some supply chain classes and demonstrate a strong passion for and commitment to the supply chain world. If you have not yet declared your major we will need to see evidence that you have taken or are enrolled in Supply Chain classes. Explain this connection within your personal statement.

How will I be notified if I am awarded the scholarship?

Our team will contact recipients by phone and email immediately following the selection. Please make sure to provide valid contact information and verify that it is accurate before submitting you application.

What is required in the personal statement?

Minimum of 500 words and Maximum Limit of 750 words. Please tell us about yourself and what inspired you to pursue supply chain! Be creative but let us know why supply chain or business forecasting is your passion. Be sure to address all scholarship criteria as listed above.

What is considered proof of enrollment?

We accept a transcript or course list showing the courses you are enrolled for dates that include the current semester (we do not consider GPA during the selection process). We also accept a letter from your college student affairs or admissions office stating that you are enrolled or accepted as a student. This letter must be on school letterhead, display a school logo or seal, and contain a name and phone number of a representative from the admissions office. Please note that scholarships go directly to your school bursar to be applied to your account with them, so you will need a valid account with your Educational Institution in order to receive it.

Any other questions? Contact us HERE.

Can I re-apply if I was not successful in the past? / Any general advice?

Yes, you can re-apply if previous unsuccessful, as long as you still qualify for all the selection criteria. If you do re-apply, please do not submit the same application. Instead, think about what could have been missing from the selection criteria and make sure you thoroughly yet succinctly cover it all.

We see a lot of applications that don’t address all the criteria we are looking for. For example, for someone not majoring in supply chain, it is imperative that you adequately explain how you still qualify. If you are unsure what supply chain is, it is likely that you do not qualify. We also see many applications that don’t address the financial need criteria. Please read this entire page thoroughly and make sure you understand what we are looking for before applying. Thanks and best of luck!

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