Sales Forecasting


Sales Forecasting

Plan your future growth with Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is the most critical task in helping a company manage their inventory, cash flow, and plan for growth. It also helps sales teams identify which customers will help them meet sales quotas and generate higher lifetime revenue.

When done right, sales forecasting software solutions support growth in all aspects of the business.

  • Enable world-class collaborative sales forecasting
  • Deliver data and insights across your entire organization
  • Focus inventory and production team efforts
  • Prepare your sales and customer service teams for future demand
  • Share planning information and feedback with any stakeholder

We’ve ensured access to all your data is easy with ERP and Excel integrations as well as support for mobile devices.

In addition to the Atlas enterprise software product, John Galt also offers an entry level sales forecasting application, ForecastX. ForecastX is the most advanced statistical forecasting tool at its price point, providing Excel access for quick business insight.

John Galt puts the right demand management capabilities at your fingertips. Dive into the sections below to see how the Atlas Planning Platform could benefit the demand and supply side of your daily operations and long-term goals.

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Sales Forcasting

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Sales Forecasting Capabilities

  • Integration with
  • Easily collaborate over the web or on mobile devices
  • Capture vital customer and competitive information
  • Plan marketing events such as promotions, new product launches, store openings, and more
  • Compare multiple events and promotional scenarios based on predefined or user defined parameters
  • Create custom views that contain essential information for sales, including: customer orders, POS data, shipments, budgets, statistical forecasts, and more
  • Generate to-do lists and provide exception management to help the sales team focus on important customer and product feedback
  • Rank sales success with KPI’s and analytics
  • Capture real-time sales forecasting that directly integrates into your S&OP process
  • Supports data from the entire Atlas supply chain planning software platform
  • Incorporate social listening to capture vital product, competitive, and customer information

Sales forecasting helps your entire operation plan for the future based on real-time, reliable information. It’s the best tool for understanding your market right now as well as next quarter. Combine all the data you have with leading Atlas Sales Forecasting software to generate the most accurate forecasts to guide investment.

Looking for quick and dirty statistical sales forecasting capabilities? Check out ForecastX, our Excel add-in for statistical forecasting.


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