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Lead in an Omnichannel Environment

Successfully manage in-store and online sales and turn demand insights into higher margins.

To beat the competition, retailers must be able to effectively manage new product introductions, short product life cycles and product returns while planning and optimizing promotions, pricing and assortment.

The Atlas Planning Platform helps predict future market needs and improve in-stock positions using artificial intelligence and demand sensing.Our platform helps retailers be responsive to real-world change through interactive scenarios and collaboration with suppliers providing real time end-to-end visibility and insights into their supply chains. Our platform incorporates a variety of demand signals from internal and external sources and generates a unified demand signal, making the supply chain responsive to volatile demand, even in multichannel networks.

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How Atlas Planning Platform supports Retail.

Promotions and New Product Introductions

Successfully planning and managing promotions and new product introductions is hard. The Atlas Planning Platform helps retailers automate and optimize their promotions while taking into account new store openings, special offers, changes in consumer demand, and more.

  • Halo and cannibalization relationships
  • Dynamically add promotional events
  • Manage omni-channel strategies
  • Leverage POS, weather, social media and competitor pricing data to improve forecast accuracy and replenishment
  • Incorporate markdown and price discounts
  • Generate multi-level forecast

Manage Complexity and Uncertainty

Retailers must manage increasingly complex product portfolios. These portfolios are constantly on the move, with ongoing product launches, retirements, and substitutions. Atlas helps companies grow as they navigate these complexities. Our platform offers product life-cycle management capabilities that summarize key indicators of product status at various stages of the supply chain.

  • Easily collaborate with suppliers with chat, notifications, process orchestration and workflows
  • Conduct probabilistic forecasting
  • Model in seasonality, new product launches, retirement and product returns
  • Analyze daily store-level demand to determine in-store and warehouse inventory buffers at individual stocking locations

Changing Business Models and Needs

The food & nutrition market is in a constant state of flux. Market forces, consumer expectations, and government regulations constantly evolve and change. Atlas Planning Platform gives food & nutrition companies constant access to data and insights that help them adapt their business models to current market conditions.

  • Leverage new growth categories
  • Analyze changing consumer preferences and demand for fresh and healthy food options and regional variety
  • Build collaborative partnerships with suppliers and customers through VMI and collaboration features
  • Automated purchase orders taking into account allocation rules

Demand to Supply Synchronization

Data analysis and real-time insights help retailers develop supply chain solutions that address every scenario. The Atlas Planning Platform links and synchronizes end-to-end the supply chain plan from consumer to the extended value chain. Our platform models changes to the distribution network, lead-times, supplier sourcing to provide insights and recommendations quickly.

  • Support fast decision making by being able to quickly run scenarios
  • Leverage POS, weather, telemetry, IoT and other external data through demand sensing capabilities
  • Evaluate fulfillment options – shop on line/pick up in store, shop on line/ship from store and more
  • Run real-time scenarios to support fast decision making
  • Increase collaboration across internal teams and external suppliers to optimize your Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)


The Atlas Planning Platform balances ease of use with advanced functionality.

The competitive retail landscape requires rapid-fire decisions and accurate planning. There is no time for complex planning tools that are difficult to learn and even harder to use. The Atlas Planning Platform offers advanced supply chain planning capabilities, but it is designed with retailers in mind.

The Atlas Planning Platform is intuitive and easy to use, with customizable user interfaces that help drive planner productivity. Our flexible and powerful platform has configurable workflows and automated alerts that make it easy to monitor conditions from demand to supply while managing multiple levels of product, customer, sales geographies, and locations.



Atlas leverages machine learning and AI to develop resilient plans for every disruption.

The Atlas Planning Platform is a single platform that links and orchestrates your S&OP process. Our modern, user-friendly platform has configurable workflows and automated alerts that make it easy to monitor conditions from demand to supply providing visibility into gaps while serving up prescriptive insights. Our platform can disaggregate and aggregate at any level while seamlessly linking and synchronizing the end-to-end plan.



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Atlas Planning Platform promotes strategies that foster organizational alignment.

The best supply chains collaborate upstream and downstream to plan and execute operations. The joint efforts of every stakeholder deliver synergies and efficiencies across the entire supply chain. But even in the best worlds, knowledge silos disrupt decision making.

Easily collaborate with internal teams and suppliers with chat, notifications, process orchestrations and workflows helping prove real-time visibility into supply chain activities.
The user-friendly online platform facilitates real-time demand and supply balancing and scenario planning from end to end. Our platform breaks down knowledge silos; integrates commercial, financial, and supply chain planning; while looking at trade-offs for revenue, service and cost.



Atlas Planning Platform acts as a trusted advisor for retailers

We get it — manual repetitive processes waste valuable time when your company has more pressing concerns to worry about.

Atlas gives customers an end-to-end supply chain planning platform that automatically predicts and forecasts product demand based on history, seasonal profiles, shifts in consumer preferences, and more. Our easy-to-use platform balances demand and supply by developing forecasts that include the day-to-day impacts to your business. Atlas analyzes data on weather, competitor promotions, sales variations, and shelf lives to reveal trends, patterns, and probabilities for more accurate forecasts.


We partnered with John Galt to streamline the entire project, defining business requirements and making sure that everyone was doing the right thing at the right time. This allowed for a very smooth implementation.

Cherie Phelan, Demand Planning Manager, Rug Doctor

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A benefit of partnering with John Galt is their ability to understand our business needs and help us craft solutions that meet those needs.

Mark Annerino, Merchandise Planning Director

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