If there is one thing that sums up the state of supply chains today, it is the need to navigate constant disruption and uncertainty. Companies are under increased pressure to optimize every critical segment along the supply chain lifecycle - from demand planning and inventory management to S&OP and supply planning - to stay ahead of the curve and avoid getting blindsided by unexpected disruptions. Organizations must continuously improve and mature supply chain planning processes, with a focus on leveraging the latest technology to harness data and automation to gain actionable insights and drive improvements in decision-making.

In this analyst report, Nucleus Research interviewed John Galt Solutions’ customers and users of the Atlas Planning Platform to assess the impact and key benefits from their Supply Chain Planning (SCP) deployments.

Nucleus’ findings demonstrate that interviewed customers reported increased forecast accuracy by 20 percentage points, as well as reduced operational costs, increased service levels, and improved supply chain resilience.

The Atlas Planning Platform from John Galt Solutions provides a comprehensive supply chain planning solution that helps organizations navigate uncertainty, optimize planning decisions, drive cross-functional collaboration, and gain end-to-end visibility across the supply chain network.

Nucleus Research highlights that “Atlas differentiates itself through data management and process automation and visualization to provide a digital twin that guarantees the same record of data across all supply chain partners. This enables S&OP process alignment, forecast accuracy, collaborative planning, and fast planning simulations allowing companies to evaluate different “what-if” scenarios.”

Atlas allows companies to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the most current data to coordinate and streamline planning processes for greater efficiency, resulting in positive impacts on profitability. “In today’s high paced environment, where organizations must address disruptions in a matter of hours to remain competitive, this real-time end-to-end visibility to all partners is vital.” – affirms Nucleus Research.

Explore Case Studies and Learn from Your Peers

With a plethora of SCP solutions in the market, this report from Nucleus Research serves as a valuable source of reference for John Galt Solutions’ supply chain planning solution. The report provides insights about deployments of the Atlas Planning Platform, highlighting key

benefits to end users through various case studies in different industries including oil and gas, industrial tools, and food manufacturing.

Based on the assessment of these different user profiles and their deployments, Nucleus Research reports that “with a heavy emphasis on advanced analytics to support its planning applications’ functionality, John Galt is well-positioned to help its customers navigate turbulent markets and continue growing in times of uncertainty.”

Read the report to learn more about John Galt Solutions and explore real world examples from your peers. Discover how companies across industries have used the Atlas Planning Platform to optimize processes and transform their supply chain for superior results.