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Manage a volatile and complex supply chain to gain a competitive edge.

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies must produce life-saving products and deliver them on time. A stock-out because of a shortage of active ingredients, sourcing contamination, or production failures can create a life or death situation for patients depending on their products. Companies must track expiration dates and lots, navigate regulatory uncertainty, eye counterfeit concerns and shelf-life constraints, circumvent R&D challenges, and meet fluctuating demands. Overcoming these challenges demands a robust and traceable supply chain.

The Atlas Planning Platform simplifies complex pharmaceutical supply chain portfolios through end-to-end orchestration. Our platform relies on rich market analysis, demand sensing, and real-time scenario planning to mitigate risk. It gives pharmaceutical and life science companies end-to-end visibility, advanced planning and analysis capabilities, and supplier connection and collaboration. Granular insight into their supply chains helps pharmaceutical and life science companies  improve the health of their supply chains up and down stream.

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How Atlas Planning Platform supports your pharmaceutical and life sciences supply chain.

Reduce Complexity and Uncertainty

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies operate in a market rife with high supplier variability, stringent fulfillment requirements, exacting government regulations, and tight expiration constraints. Atlas helps companies grow as they manage a complex supply chain in a competitive and volatile market. Our single integrated planning platform with advanced analytics and machine learning, optimizes the global network across suppliers and distribution centers while taking into account finished goods and intermediate product inventory levels.

  • Incorporate contract manufacturing, clinical trial timelines, dual- sourcing strategies and financial strategies
  • Capture planning rules, regulations, and requirements in a global market.
  • Monitor product expiration dates at the country and region level
  • Specify criteria for allowable shelf-life and receive automated shelf-life alerts
  • Decrease waste with expiration date planning
  • Manage unlimited item/package/touting combinations
  • Perform scenario-based planning

Improved Forecasting

Atlas Planning Platform helps improve forecast accuracy and provide the visibility needed to make better planning decisions by applying advanced analytics to drive trends, patterns, and probabilities across the product portfolio and to the lowest level of detail. Our advanced planning capabilities powered by automated machine learning deliver real-time insights helping pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturers create inventory policies that manage expiration dates, lots, regulatory compliance, sourcing, and R&D challenges.

  • Decrease waste through expiration date forecasting and planning
  • Leverage demand sensing to support new product introductions
  • Select best-fit forecasting techniques
  • Use automated machine learning to derive individual SKU and kitted items
  • Run real-time scenarios to support fast decision making

Connect and Collaborate

Pharmaceutical and life sciences supply chains carry a range of inventory from finished goods to intermediate product and need to strategically position this inventory across multi-echelon supply chain points. Companies track shelf-life constraints, expiration dates and lot numbers amid regulatory uncertainty, growing counterfeit concerns, and ever-fluctuating demands. This requires a robust and traceable supply chain to overcome these challenges. End-to-end visibility into the supply chain helps pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturers plan, forecast, track, and identify strategies that optimize their inventory and fulfillment. Atlas aligns supply with demand to optimize inventory levels and shrink costs. Our collaborative planning platform connects stakeholders upstream and downstream to help make better decisions across the entire supply chain.

  • Link and orchestrate your S&OP process
  • Monitor performance and reduce risk
  • Gain real time end-to-end visibility into your supply chain
  • Connect suppliers, production facilities, wholesalers, and more
  • Optimize production in multiple plants

End-to-End Visibility

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies manage and coordinate across a large network of manufacturers and suppliers while balancing complex production processes. Supplier variability, strict fulfillment requirements, and shelf life constraints are some of the ongoing challenges faced in the industry. . Companies need insight scenario planning as they assess supplier financial stability, product development stages, patent expirations, and more.

  • Augment the ability to work with multiple source and suppliers
  • Control and review outsourced activities and purchased material quality
  • Identify and understand the impact of promotions
  • Run real-time scenarios to support fast decision making
  • Leverage demand sensing for product improvements and introductions
  • Remove excess cost and delays from the supply chain


The Atlas Planning Platform balances ease of use with advanced functionality.

Navigating the complex and volatile pharmaceutical and life sciences landscape requires accurate planning and insight across the supply chain. There’s no time for complex planning tools that are difficult to learn and even harder to use. The Atlas Planning Platform offers advanced supply chain planning capabilities but is designed with the end user in mind

Atlas Planning Platform is intuitive and easy to use with customizable user interfaces, what-if scenarios to help you evaluate results side by side, and collaboration features to facilitate communication and sharing inside and outside your organization. Our flexible and powerful platform  has customized workflows and automated alerts that make it easy to monitor conditions from demand to supply while managing  multiple levels of product, customer, sales geographies, and locations.



Atlas leverages machine learning and AI to develop agile pharmaceutical and life sciences supply chains.

Competitors promote machine learning capabilities as a nice-to-have. John Galt sees machine learning and AI as essential and incorporates it into everything we do. The Atlas Planning Platform integrates a range of data signals—from  commodity prices, IoT and global impacts—into every scenario. By analyzing data in real-time, our platform detects demand and supply shifts, identifies supply risks and market changes to develops plans that mitigate risk and seize new opportunities.



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Atlas Planning Platform promotes strategies that foster organizational alignment.

The best supply chains collaborate upstream and downstream to plan and execute operations. The joint efforts of every stakeholder deliver synergies and efficiencies across the entire supply chain. But even in the best worlds, knowledge silos throw a wrench in decision making.

Atlas fosters supply chain transparency that lets internal and external stakeholders collaborate. The user-friendly online platform facilitates real-time demand and supply balancing and scenario planning end-to-end. Our platform breaks down knowledge silos; integrates commercial, financial and supply chain planning; and gives access to trade-offs for service, revenue, profit, and cost.



Atlas Planning Platform acts as a trusted advisor.

We get it—manual repetitive processes waste valuable time when your company has more pressing concerns to worry about. Atlas automates pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturers’ planning and repetitive tasks to keep their focus on mission-critical activities.

Our single integrated planning platform with advanced analytics and machine learning, automates planning and facilitates real-time end-to-end demand and supply balancing and scenario planning.  Modern and user friendly, Atlas Planning Platform links and orchestrates your S&OP process with real-time workflow status, monitoring, view of gaps and prescriptive insights at any level of disaggregation – from demand to supply planning, transportation, financial budgeting and sales forecasting.


The ability to make changes in real-time, online without having to send large data files to everyone greatly enhanced our forecasting process.  We have tighter control and have improved customer service significantly.

Jimmy Crump, Financial Systems & Reporting Manager, Arysta LifeScience

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"We selected John Galt Solutions for the ease of use for the end user, the ability to connect to our planning portal for the sales fore and the support staff. Nothing but praise for them they have been very helpful during the implementation"

- Leo Debandi
American Red Cross

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