Choosing the right supply chain planning software partner can seem to be a challenging task, given the vast number of vendors and technology solutions in the market covering a wide range of capabilities. The good news is there are multiple sources out there that can help you shortlist the right solutions. It’s important to look at trusted sources and third parties in the industry and assess all the key options based on how they are positioned to exceed your expectations for years to come.  

With a strong customer-centric focus, step-by-step digital transformation methodology to guide companies through their maturity journey, and innovative technology that is easy to use, highly intuitive and scalable – we at John Galt Solutions empower companies to continuously evolve their levels of supply chain planning maturity to overcome challenges and prosper amid times of uncertainty. And we pride ourselves in seeing our work and innovations recognized by leading industry publications, research and consulting firms, and supply chain leaders who experience our solutions first-hand and vouch for their power to drive business results. 

We believe substantial user feedback and recognitions make all the difference in a crowded market. Take a look at these 3 reasons and unique qualities that serve as a testament to our leading position in the market, making us the perfect technology partner to help you transform your supply chain: 

1. Outstanding Ratings & Reviews from Customers 

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We have a strong focus and commitment to customer value, and our unmatched customer service shines through many success stories and what our customers say about us. Customer feedback means the world to us, and we’re delighted to receive persistently high ratings from our customers based on our high standards of support and the results they achieve by implementing our Atlas Planning Platform.

Reviews are invaluable sources to understand more about vendors and their offerings directly from peers who share their insights on product capabilities and services based on experience.

You can visit review sites such as Gartner Peer Insights and Capterra to read directly from your peers about their experiences with each vendor. In these sites, our Atlas Planning Platform is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars, and more than 90 percent of users would recommend it to others – a true testament to our unparalleled service and the power of our innovative technology. 

2. John Galt Solutions is Recognized by Leading Research and Consulting Firms  

We have been recognized by supply chain leaders, leading industry publications and research firms for delivering innovative solutions combined with unmatched customer service, driving quick results and transformational outcomes for customers around the world. Some examples:

We’re proud of these distinguished recognitions and market comparisons which demonstrate how we are uniquely positioned to help companies solve challenges at various stages of their supply chain planning maturity while helping them progress along their journey.

3. Innovative Technology That Supports Digital Transformation and Drives Customer Success 

Our technology is at the forefront of innovation in supply chain planning, developed based on decades of industry expertise to help companies solve today's critical operational challenges while building disruption-proof supply chains for tomorrow.

Leading companies around the world continue to turn to John Galt Solutions’ Atlas Planning Platform to accelerate their digital transformation, and align supply chain, finance and execution on a single platform driven by a single hyper-flexible data model.

We’re delighted to see the supply chain community consistently rate John Galt Solutions at the top of the pack for platform capabilities, ease of use, outstanding customer service, and quick implementations that deliver superior business outcomes.