Inventory Management


Inventory Management

Exceed customer service goals while reducing inventory investments

Over the last decade, inventory levels grew by 20 days across all industries. The reason? The focus was on safety stock—a limited portion of the entire inventory story. Companies that reduced inventory and improved customer service focused more broadly to have the right form of inventory in the right place.  John Galt understands that business leaders need strength in solutions to drive results. The tension? Inventory is both the most important buffer for the supply chain, but all too often companies have the wrong inventory and accumulate unnecessary stock that becomes waste dragging down working capital results and increasing warehousing costs.

How do you make the right decisions?  

  • Start by getting inventory targets that incorporate demand and supply risks and volatility to optimize your safety stock at an item-location level. Our team partners closely with you to build the right strategy, position inventory effectively and right size your buffer stock.
  • Evolve beyond simple safety stock by segregating different demand elements (dependent, independent, base, promotional) as well as inventory components like cycle stock, stock-outs, minimum, etc.  Define and build your inventory strategy to account for different components of demand, inventory and supply and take into account all the dependencies, costs, constraints including sustainability considerations such as waste/perishability, CO2 emissions and more.
  • Then redefine your holistic inventory network strategy by understanding where to position buffer in your network and maximize the balance of inventory of finished goods vs raw material and semi-final goods. Move beyond static and traditional inventory target calculations to using machine learning to determine optimal safety stock calculations and deliver recommended actions and alerts.

Hundreds of global brands trust Atlas to deliver results and improve their processes.  Our track record of 100% successful implementations is a direct result of our customer-first mindset with a focus on partnering with our customers at every stage while continuously driving value. Ready to improve profitability, increase customer satisfaction and unlock working capital?  Contact us to get started today with the Atlas Inventory application.

Inventory Management

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Strategic Inventory Planning

At the core of strong inventory management is a comprehensive set of vertically and horizontally integrated plans. IM makes it easy to plan your inventory policies for increased profit and more streamlined business that focuses on the big picture for your revenue.

  • Implement multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) powered by intelligent machine learning
  • Test and measure impact and risk of specific inventory policies and decisions
  • Synchronize strategy and execution
  • Utilize inventory planning hierarchies to aggregate and project inventory levels
  • Collaborate with supply chain partners to understand customer demand
  • Reduce lead time through visibility with suppliers
  • Use AI to segment products and set inventory policies such as safety stock, hedging stock, and order quantity
  • Gain long-term views of manufacturing, purchasing and inventory needs
  • Receive automatic suggestions for lean stocking strategies such as SKU rationalization and postponement
  • Calculate optimal inventory levels by product or product group with machine learning
  • Experiment with alternate distribution models including hub-and-spoke and manage the tradeoffs in operating cost and working capital

Tactical Supply Planning

Synchronize strategy and execution at any level of detail.

  • Autonomously validate and integrate all sources of digital data across the end-to-end supply chain (e.g. IoT, promotions, causal data)
  • Plan inventory replenishment on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis using synchronized time buckets
  • Autonomously handle shortage situations by deploying inventory to the customers that drive the best margin
  • Automatically calculate economic order quantities, order size and order frequency by policies to reduce freight and distribution costs
  • Balance working capital against cost incentives to maximize profitability
  • Identify and remedy causes of persistent inventory issues
  • Plan and model across your entire supply chain network
  • Rebalance inventory between sites to make optimal use of available inventory
  • Automatically recommend inventory rebalance

Replenishment Planning

Out-of-stocks hurt business by damaging sales and reputation. Don’t let them happen again.

Atlas makes it easy to execute a reliable replenishment plan across your entire supply chain. Know when and how to replenish based on a variety of factors, then use the same system to generate purchase, manufacturing, and transfer orders. Inventory Management even supports multi-echelon distribution and replenishment across specific customers & locations.

  • Automatically calculate time phased inventory projections as well as the recommended purchase, manufacturing and transfer orders between inventory locations
  • Ensure that plans respect shelf-life and obsolescence to limit dead stock
  • Provide automatic or user-approved purchase or manufacturing order release based on revenue, cost, and margin
  • Optimize orders to meet minimum and maximum dollars, units, and other units of measure
  • Combine multiple orders into a shipment to optimize container utilization, even across multiple vendors within the same port of origin
  • Support distribution order release including milk truck runs
  • Autonomously handle shortage situations by deploying inventory across locations to meet customer needs
  • Model the cost of various supply chain activities to maximize profitability, including inventory rebalancing and order expediting
  • Continuously optimize supply networks to manage multi-echelon distribution and inventory replenishment plans
  • Combine independent and dependent demand streams to model all replenishment requirements

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Every supply chain is full of a multitude of moving parts, and your inventory planning must account for this. Atlas IM is a true multi-enterprise platform that is able to plan from your customer locations back to your sources of supply. Our VMI includes point-of-sale (POS) and shipment data designed to build forecasts of required inventory per customer locations. VMI enables business decisions at macro and micro levels for every partner in your supply chain.

  • Extend your end-to-end supply chain to customer sites
  • Integrate customer inventory targets to set goals
  • Autonomously manage the order release process
  • Forecast customer locations using POS and shipment data
  • Calculate customer order release schedule
  • Build a trusted partnership through customer collaboration regarding inventory policy options, inventory excesses and shortages
  • Use machine learning to deliver proactive insights to the customer, including inventory shortages, excesses, and trends.
  • Set truck and container loads for product movement from your distribution centers to your customers
  • Manage multi-level distribution and inventory replenishment plans by creating dynamic hierarchies

Safety Stock Analysis & Simulation

You need the right amount of stock on hand to have a resilient supply chain. Prepare for disruptions in demand and supply to hit your customer service targets. We built Atlas to make that easy. Our IM gives you all the functionality you need to quickly optimize safety stock, reorder points, lead times, and service levels under a variety of challenging scenarios. It’s the virtual coworker you need to automatically balance the tradeoff between service levels and profitability.

  • Consider both demand and supply side risks and volatility when optimizing safety stock
  • Use machine learning to segment products for assigning optimal safety stock calculations
  • Use machine learning to select the optimal safety stock for slow, fast moving, intermittent, and seasonal products
  • Optimize safety stock levels based on balancing stock-out costs and working capital
  • Build and compare "What If" scenarios to analyze the trade-off between service level and profitability
  • Calculate optimal targets to balance customer service level targets and profitability
  • Use time-phased safety stock to account for demand and supplier variability over the planning horizon

Reporting and Analytics

Find actionable insights and measure your success with Atlas. You can use advanced IM analytics and reporting capabilities to investigate, understand, and optimize your performance. Plus, you’ll have a robust communication platform to share KPIs and results with every stakeholder.

  • See a complete inventory management picture using flexible reports
  • Slice and dice data to find actionable insights with advanced analytics
  • Track KPIs and measure performance with a configurable library of metrics

Inventory Management is part of John Galt’s modular solution Atlas Planning, a complete end-to-end supply chain planning solution. See it in action with a free demo with relevant data.


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