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Balance Inventory Investments and Improve Service

From tactical inventory planning to advanced multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO), the Atlas Planning Platform reduces risk, improves profitability and unlocks working capital by creating an inventory strategy that focuses on having the right form of inventory in the right place helping you optimize your inventory investments across your entire supply chain. 

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Start. Set inventory targets that incorporate demand and supply risks and volatility to optimize safety stock.  

Evolve. Implement an inventory strategy that accounts for multiple demand elements, inventory components like cycle stock, stock-outs and takes into account dependencies, costs, constraints and more.   

Accelerate. Move beyond static and traditional inventory targets to multi-echelon inventory optimization across your network.  

Capacity Planning

“Having an intelligent planning platform to manage the complexity of Randa’s inventory while continuously optimizing inventory and replenishment to shifts in demand has been a game changer.”

Tim Walter, CIO at Randa Apparel & Accessories

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Outcomes Delivered

Boost Service and Reduce Working Capital

Monitor Inventory Health

Use inventory health metrics to boost service and reduce inventory levels.

Manage Variability

Build and position inventory effectively and right-size the buffer stock to handle demand and supply variability. 

Create, Evaluate and Optimize Inventory Strategies

From simple to complex, develop inventory strategies that consider all interdependencies and inefficiencies across the supply chain.  

Reduce Waste

Focus on having the right form of inventory in the right place to reduce unnecessary stock that becomes waste.

Be an Invaluable Partner

Monitor trends, collaborate in real time, improve cash flow and cost management, and enable speed and responsiveness with vendor management.

Uncover New Opportunities

Intuitive dashboards deliver actionable insights and alerts. Advanced analytics keep you focused and aligned with plan objectives.

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