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Supply Management

Mature from S&OP to Integrated Business Planning

A healthy digital planning process enables your business to reach its full potential. But without a sophisticated platform, it’s very challenging, if not impossible, to achieve two critical objectives:

  • Align planning across different departments and with internal and external partners
  • Link high-level strategy to its detailed processes and execution

Regardless of your supply chain process maturity, Atlas serves as the foundation for your digital planning journey to excellence.

The Atlas Planning Platform allows you to integrate demand and supply data from all your sources, communicate across multiple stakeholders and departments, extend visibility throughout your entire supply chain, execute your plan with maximum efficiency, and ultimately increase profitability.

Supply Management

Integrate Everything into a Single Environment

  • Integrate planning data
    • Integrate real-time Demand, Supply, Inventory and Financial plans in our unified planning model
    • Seamlessly integrate ERP, CRM, TPM, IoT data across multiple time, product, customer and geographical levels
    • Atlas will integrate data from all areas of your business
  • Integrate stakeholders
    • Integrate internal and external stakeholders so they can securely share and see pertinent data
    • Break down departmental silos from operational to executive
    • Develop consensus on demand review, supply review, and executive S&OP
  • Setup Automation and Workflows
    • Automate data and plan consolidation as well as data validations and cleansing tasks
    • Define workflows and To-dos for all participants in the planning process
    • Manage your chain of command and determine approval processes and time fences
    • Automate data readiness processes such as harmonization, outlier identification, augmentation, and correction for next level operational efficiency

Develop Plans and Responses for a Resilient Supply Chain

  • Define What Ifs to manage tradeoffs between competing business priorities across your end-to-end supply chain
    • Inventory costs
    • Supply chain management costs
    • Resiliency
    • Customer service
    • Profitability
  • Manipulate plans in any hierarchy, unit of measure, or time granularity
  • Balance operational constraints and strategic objectives to define demand and ensure supply is there to match
  • Resolve and manage supply issues
  • Drive value in supply chain through cost to serve, capable to promise
  • Manage inventory across multiple sites and echelons of your supply chain
  • Improve profitability through integrated inventory cashflow views and aligned inventory budgets and plans
  • Recommend and approve plans on how sales or supply shortfalls can be mitigated
  • Forecast sales, revenue, and margin vs budget
  • Portfolio review for new products
  • Reduce firefighting and improve profitability through Long-term planning on capacities, warehouses, raw material purchasing and transportation
  • Align organization on the best path forward

Monitor Performance and Gain Real-Time Insights

  • Customer service and quality (perfect order)
  • Financial P&L
  • Inventory dollars vs budget
  • Forecast sales, revenue, and margin vs budget
  • Use the KPIs and analytics that matter most to your business to gain the right understanding of trends, demand and more

Part of an End-to-End Planning Solution

Supply Management is powerful on its own but better as part of our comprehensive Atlas Planning platform.

End-to-end supply chain planning just got a little easier. See it in action with a free demo based on your industry, or even your own data.


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