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Be Greater than the Sum of Your Parts

Intelligent Inventory, Collaborative Suppliers, and Demand Sensing Create a Competitive Edge

As your parts portfolio grows, balancing service and cost with changing customer preferences, stricter sustainability regulations, and fluid tariff policies becomes a daunting challenge.

Powered by machine learning, the Atlas Planning Platform uses rich market data analyses, demand sensing, and real-time scenario planning to tame your complex aftermarket supply chain portfolio.

With unrivalled end-to-end visibility you can better collaborate with suppliers on developing more resilient supply chain networks and minimize risk by predicting disruptions before they have a chance to adversely impact your business.

Atlas Supplies Key Parts of Your Aftermarket Planning Advantage

  • Think Faster to Respond First

    The aftermarket parts challenge is multi-tiered: first you must balance erratic and intermittent demand, then optimize finished goods stock while rationalizing inventory by cost, margin contribution, storage capacity, service levels, and supplier lead time.

    Atlas lets your team conduct in-depth “what-if” scenarios and simulations to drive fast, precise decisions

    Our multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) right-sizes buffer stocks for superior cost and service

    More accurate forecasting across the entire product portfolio of both fast and slow-moving items helps optimize service levels

    Granular analysis and forecasting at the channel and individual order-line level lets you master long-tail demand

    Vendor managed inventory (VMI) capability builds a new level of trust and collaboration with customers.

  • Visibility to Collaborate with Everyone

    Connecting to dealer networks and retailers gives your team downstream demand visibility and puts demand sensing to work to position inventory more accurately across multiple tiers.

    Atlas’s advanced planning capabilities powered by machine learning optimizes inventory levels everywhere to reduce costs and free up working capital while responding to fluctuating tariffs and the ebbs and flows of demand.

    In an unpredictable environment, the best defense is a good offense.

    Collaborate in real-time through a robust sales and operations planning (S&OP) process

    Strengthen relationships through vendor managed inventory programs

    Reduce expediting and premium shipping charges through enhanced visibility and more accurate planning

    Connect mobile devices across your supply chain and dealer networks to add field intelligence

    Quickly sense and respond to changes in demand by harnessing Big Data, telemetry and IoT sensors

  • Cut Complexity to Tame Your Tiers

    Portfolio complexity grows and grows, driven by multi-year lifecycles, product introductions, retirements, substitutions, supersessions, and more.

    Atlas lifecycle management capabilities are geared to the unique product and assortment challenges of the aftermarket industry.

    Create alignment across all tiers and regions of your extended supply chain

    Improve efficiency and supplier collaboration

    Manage huge SKU portfolios by automatically applying multi-dimensional stock policies based on multi-variate segmentation

    Reduce costs and mitigate risk by applying advanced machine learning to improve planning

  • Predict Precisely to Plan Proactively

    Leverage artificial intelligence and automated machine learning to deliver real-time insights to drive your plan.

    Advanced machine learning helps you create inventory policies that manage fast- and slow-moving parts, meet changing consumer demands, and reduce expediting costs.

    Automate planning of spare parts and materials so your team can focus more energy on strategic initiatives

    Stop mis-forecasting products that exhibit intermittent demand

    Improve decision making and handle uncertainty better through probability modeling

    Optimize inventory for sustained high service levels

    Use advanced, accurate demand sensing to pre-position inventory and better serve all your customers


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