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Inventory Management

AI-Powered and Operationally Driven Financial Planning

Powerful analysis on operational performance, sales activity, and supply chain responses

Your demand plans and operational decisions are changing constantly. These changes often materially impact strategic financial outcomes. The Atlas Planning Platform quickly and efficiently models financial outcomes and goals. The shift to automated, operationally driven financial planning will improve accuracy and reduce latency in financial reporting.

John Galt puts the right demand management capabilities at your fingertips. Dive into the sections below to see how the Atlas Planning Platform could benefit the demand and supply side of your daily operations and long-term goals.

Inventory Management

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Leverage automation and machine learning in financial planning

  • Leverage Atlas’ AI engine to conduct powerful what-if analysis on operational performance, demand plan changes, and supply chain responses
  • Automate financial planning processes such as budgeting, forecasts, annual operating plans, profitability and revenue plans, inventory and cash flow models, cost-to-serve models, and performance reports
  • Autonomously compare best, worst, and most likely scenarios with more accuracy and efficiency

Connect financial planning to the rest of your organization and IBP/S&OP process

  • Leverage a unified data model that brings together data and plans for demand, supply, capacity, and finance
  • Collect team knowledge and input across a user-friendly cloud-based environment
  • Link finance with real-time operational events and tactics
  • Make faster decisions by connecting financial and operational plans like capex and facility plans

Produce accurate and timely financial models and reporting

  • Increase revenue forecast accuracy by integrating:
    • Demand planning
    • Insights from customer’s buying needs
    • Bottom-up planning
    • Comparisons of top-level models by channel, brand, and region
  • Build a plan to maximize profit by accurately incorporating bottom-up supply side constraints and costs
  • Save time by eliminating manual processes caused by spreadsheets and legacy planning systems
  • Save time by eliminating manual processes caused by spreadsheets and legacy planning systems
  • Create accurate financial reports including:
    • Budgeting and forecasts
    • Annual operating plans
    • Profitability and revenue plans
    • Inventory and cash flow models
    • Performance reports (performance compared to plan)
    • Cost-to-serve models
    • Pricing models
  • Transform granular S&OP planning data so it can be consumed by the financial plan

The Atlas Planning Platform ensures a collaborative process between finance and operations to gain real-time visibility into how supply chain performance and changing customer demand impact your strategic financial plans.


Part of an End-to-End Planning Solution

Financial Planning is a core aspect of our comprehensive Atlas Planning Platform. Atlas allows you to start where you are and grow to an end-to-end supply chain planning solution as your process matures.


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