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Demand Management

See what’s coming and deliver products on time to exceed customer expectations

Delivery reliability matters more than ever. We make the process of converting an order to shipment easy helping you to overcome constraints, minimize costs, and maximize customer service. To do this, we combine distribution planning and transportation optimization in a single application.

Companies often struggle to include real-world constraints when designing and executing their replenishment plans, such as truck load capacity and transportation requirements including routes, container sizes, and drop off points. Our optimization algorithms allow you to set real-world constraints, including freight rates, actual transportation capacities and define priorities based on ABC items, release dates, product category, and more. We help you better link planning and execution to improve customer satisfaction:

• Automate workflows to convert orders to shipments and provide visibility to trading partners

• Manage multi-tier replenishment including allocation, inventory imbalance and transfer orders

• Sense and align multi-tier replenishment to market requirements

Demand Management

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