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Flexible End-to-End Planning Platform

Atlas Supply Chain Planning Software is a simple to use, AI-enabled platform that strengthens your multi-enterprise supply chain, serving as your real-time planning system of record.

AI at its Core
The Atlas AI helps you autonomously run your demand and supply plan utilizing our automated machine learning. Atlas seamlessly integrates structured and unstructured planning data sources including ERP, IoT, market, and causal factors.
Xperts You Can Count On
Altas includes Supply Chain Xperts’ with unparalleled experience and a deep knowledge-base translating to Xpert guidance throughout your project. We listen, diagnose and implement the right solution and processes to achieve business goals.

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Atlas Planning Suite Modules

grid_on S&OP


Mature from S&OP to Integrated Business Planning

A healthy digital planning process enables your business to reach its full potential. But without a sophisticated platform, it’s very challenging, if not impossible, to achieve two critical objectives:

  • Align planning across different departments and with internal and external partners
  • Link high-level strategy to its detailed processes and execution

Regardless of your supply chain process maturity, Atlas serves as the foundation for your digital planning journey to excellence.

Integrate demand and supply data from all your sources, communicate across multiple stakeholders and departments, extend visibility throughout your entire supply chain, execute your plan with maximum efficiency, and ultimately increase profitability.

Learn more about the Atlas Planning’s Integrated Business Planning capabilities for connecting planning data, aligning stakeholders, automating workflows, developing plans & responses, and monitoring performance for real-time insights.

  • Integrate real-time Demand, Supply, Inventory and Financial plans in our unified planning model
  • Seamlessly integrate ERP, CRM, TPM, IoT data across multiple time, product, customer and geographical levels
  • Develop consensus on demand review, supply review, and executive S&OP
  • Automate data and plan consolidation as well as data validations and cleansing tasks
  • Define What Ifs to manage tradeoffs between competing business priorities across your end-to-end supply chain
  • Manipulate plans in any hierarchy, unit of measure, or time granularity
  • Use the KPIs and analytics that matter most to your business to gain the right understanding of trends, demand and more
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power_settings_new DEMAND MANAGEMENT


See demand, shape demand, satisfy demand

Demand and supply planners are at their best when they have visibility to downstream demand.

Atlas Planning’s Demand Management easily incorporates distributor demand signals and accurately quantifies the impact of marketing incentives that spike short term demand. Benefit from machine learning-driven insights designed to improve statistical forecast accuracy, including AI pattern recognition that determines when a change in demand is short or long-term.

Turn forecasts into actionable plans as changes to the demand plan are instantaneously rippled throughout your multi-enterprise supply chain. This enables your planning team to tightly couple demand and supply and collectively cross the chasm from static planning to real-time continuous planning.

Better demand management will help you overcome common planning challenges like new product launches, changes in customer buying patterns, unplanned events, and seasonality.

Learn more about the Atlas Planning’s Demand Management capabilities for statistical forecasting, demand planning, demand shaping, demand sensing, and robust reporting & analytics.

  • Apply machine learning to develop intelligent forecasts from any type of data and learn over time
  • Automatically select and optimize from over 25 statistical models from our ProCast™ expert selection technology
  • Develop statistical forecasts from any level of aggregation: top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up
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Meet Demand and Reduce Inventory Investments

Inventory Management and MEIO expands demand plans into a complete, end-to-end supply chain strategy.

Powered by advanced machine learning, Atlas Planning’s Inventory Management creates your strategy by taking into account the complex relationships between customer demand, inventory requirements, supply networks, vendor constraints, and other inventory factors. You’re empowered to balance execution with strategic goals, optimize inventory investment and spend more effectively than your competition.

Better inventory management will help you overcome common challenges related to cycle and buffer inventory, customer service levels, stockouts, OTIF penalties, and linking strategic and tactical planning.

Learn more about the Atlas Planning’s Inventory Management capabilities for strategic inventory planning and multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO), tactical supply planning, replenishment planning, vendor managed inventory (VMI), safety stock analysis and simulation, and robust reporting & analytics.

  • Implement multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) powered by intelligent machine learning
  • Autonomously validate and integrate all sources of digital data across the end-to-end supply chain (e.g. IoT, promotions, causal data)
  • Automatically calculate time phased inventory projections as well as the recommended purchase, manufacturing, and transfer orders between inventory locations
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For greater manufacturing efficiency

Flexible scheduling for complex environments. With Atlas Schedule by PlanetTogether, you can effortlessly optimize factory resources, materials, and capacity while increasing manufacturing efficiency, and meet customer expectations faster than ever before.

Our solution combines the detailed production scheduling capabilities of PlanetTogether with the power of Atlas Planning Platform. Through seamless integration, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily model and simulate alternative ‘what-if’ production plan scenarios
  • Gain simultaneous visibility across time horizons between planners and schedulers
  • Quickly model changes in production sequence while keeping scheduling and planning aligned

  • Capture real-time sales forecasting and operations planning data through web-based collaboration
  • Incorporate data from any source, including CRM, ERP, and customer systems
  • Instantly input data and pass it to the Demand Management
  • Display vital supply chain information visually using dashboards, reports, graphs, charts, other decision support data
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widgets SUPPLY


Plan Proactively for Production

To meet production requirements, manufacturers must balance the limitations of their equipment against the needs of customer demand. Equipment, time constraints, and personnel levels combine to define the maximum capacity of any production environment. Put your platform to work to ensure you’re running at peak potential.

Atlas Planning’s Supply Management delivers real-time data with deep insights to help manufacturers understand options and gains that could come from equipment changeovers and capacity constraints. Leverage Atlas’ advanced AI engine to generate optimized, time-phased production plans and much more.

Better supply management helps you overcome common challenges related to complex scheduling, labor shortages, production downtime, and unexpected changes to demand or capacity.

Learn more about the Atlas Planning’s Supply Management capabilities for rough cut capacity planning, master production scheduling, and advanced planning and scheduling.

  • Resolve bottlenecks in real-time respecting both sourcing constraints, lead times, and other production considerations with Rough Cut Capacity Planning
  • Model the effect of changes in production routing on cost, capacity and overall profitability
  • Use machine learning to generate an optimized, time-phased production plan that balances customer service and supply chain costs with Master Production Scheduling
  • Optimize every level of scheduling considering both capacity constraints and material availability simultaneously with Advanced Planning and Scheduling
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flip Deliver


See what’s coming and deliver products on time to exceed customer expectations

Delivery reliability matters more than ever. We make the process of converting an order to shipment easy helping you to overcome constraints, minimize costs, and maximize customer service. To do this, we combine distribution planning and transportation optimization in a single application.

Companies often struggle to include real-world constraints when designing and executing their replenishment plans, such as truck load capacity and transportation requirements including routes, container sizes, and drop off points. Our optimization algorithms allow you to set real-world constraints, including freight rates, actual transportation capacities and define priorities based on ABC items, release dates, product category, and more. We help you better link planning and execution to improve customer satisfaction

  • Compare the end-to-end supply chain impact of numerous What If scenarios based on any supply chain event or policy
  • Automatically find meaningful relationships to segment your data in new and insightful ways based on any dimension of data (e.g. product lifecycle, location)
  • Segment your products and drive strategic decisions on forecasting, production, purchasing and inventory policies.
  • Analyze trend and historical patterns to define product characteristics: New Product, Seasonal, Event/Promotional, Sporadic.
  • Evaluate forecastability of different data streams: POS, Historical, Shipment, Invoice.
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Drive Resilient Supply Chain Planning

Learn how to leverage technology to make faster predictions and account for multiple scenarios to drive resiliency in your supply chain.

In a world of increasingly complex linkages and uncertainty, organizations must evolve to supply chain planning by moving from a deterministic mode of planning to a stochastic model – Gartner calls this new model resilient planning. The Gartner research, Mastering Uncertainty: The Rise of Resilient Supply Chain Planning, identifies how supply chain leaders can embrace emerging technology to incorporate resilience in supply chain planning.

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