ForecastX User Huddle - DRP

Wednesday January 25, 2023 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT

It’s time to huddle! Learn how to leverage ForecastX for Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) reporting.

Ready to improve your inventory planning? With ForecastX, you can align your inventory plan with your forecast. In this huddle, we’ll show you how the DRP Report is designed to allow users to plan inventory levels and replenishment based on the forecast.

How does it work? DRP starts by calculating how your inventory will decrease based on customer demand, and when it will run out. With this information, DRP can calculate when orders need to be released and when they need to arrive, leading to improved service levels and happy customers.

Join Jeff Marthins, senior business consultant, to explore the power of DRP in ForecastX during this 1-hour interactive session.

Don’t miss this opportunity to collaborate with your friends at John Galt and other ForecastX users!