ForecastX User Huddle - New Product Forecasting

Wednesday June 21, 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT & Thursday June 22, 3 PM CET / 9AM ET

One of the most challenging and difficult forecasts to predict is the New Product Forecast.  

Why? Typically, there is little to no data for a new product.  

Did you know ForecastX has powerful and easy-to-use capabilities to support your new product forecast? In this session, Jeff Marthins, senior business consultant, will share his top tips and ticks to help you master your new product forecast.  

During this 45-minute interactive session, you will get the chance to connect with and learn from other ForecastX users. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your ability to tackle new product introductions.

New Offering!  

We are now offering this same great content at two different times to allow us to connect with our global network. Please register for the time that best fits your schedule!