Today’s uncertain marketplace and concurrent challenges are leading supply chain executives to realize that traditional Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) processes are no longer sufficient to keep pace with the dynamic changes in supply and demand. This new era of disruptions calls for a fresh approach to S&OP that moves toward more alignment, collaboration, and advanced planning capabilities.

A mature S&OP process drives alignment and decision making, creating a view of future operations that impact the bottom line. What do you need to get there? Running scenarios and making trade-offs, collaboration across functions, and orchestrating business activities are critical factors for achieving a solid S&OP plan that prepares you for the unknown.

For many organizations, evolving their S&OP processes means leaving rigid and basic tools behind to embrace advanced technologies that enable visibility across an interconnected network. More and more, companies are adopting a flexible S&OP application that is part of a well-run end-to-end supply chain planning platform to strengthen their ability to act when new challenges arise, quickly and in line with business goals.

Adding agility to your S&OP process will give you greater speed and confidence in your response, positioning you to be thinking ahead about the challenges and opportunities. At advanced levels of S&OP, you can look across your entire supply chain network, strategically plan for longer time horizons, and focus on business outcomes and business orchestration.

In this eBook, we explore important questions you need to ask to assess the maturity of your S&OP or Integrated Business Planning (IBP) environment, and the steps you can take to evolve. Planning must go beyond basic practices in balancing supply and demand, to attain stronger alignment and collaboration. Learn about integrating S&OP with strategy, and the essential capabilities of a thoughtfully designed S&OP application you need to look for.

We give you a guide to take control of the process, to identify gaps and opportunities, and to develop your S&OP process with advanced capabilities to build a robust plan that enables dynamic decision-making and business goal alignment.

Get ready to level up your S&OP plan to achieve greater collaboration, gain visibility across the network and grasp powerful insights to maximize opportunities and minimize risk.