Webinar: Moving Your S&OP / Demand Planning Process Beyond Spreadsheets

Excel is an extremely powerful tool for forecasting, and it should be used to its fullest extent. As a single forecaster or a couple demand planners, Excel may suffice for your process. But when is it time to think about moving out of Excel and into a more robust planning system?

John Galt offers two primary solutions: ForecastX, a powerful add-in and statistical engine for forecasting in Excel, and Atlas Planning Suite, a comprehensive S&OP tool. We have a unique perspective, having seen many customers make the transition from Excel into a centralized planning tool. In this webinar, John Galt’s Forecast Xperts® will outline the attributes of a planning process that point to a need for a centralized demand planning solution, construed from years of experience working with our customers as they have matured their processes. Learn when and why it makes sense for your business to invest in a tool that can enhance and facilitate greater collaboration, enable enterprise integration, and improve process efficiency. Understand the issues you will face with spreadsheets, and how a central tool can alleviate them.

Watch the John Galt Xperts® on this webinar as you evolve your supply and demand planning process.