Webinar: ForecastX – Beyond the basics

Though most of your forecasting needs can be covered by the simple and effective features in the ForecastX Wizard, often there is a need to go off the beaten path to continue to improve. In this session, you will learn some uncommon techniques to extend your use of the ForecastX Wizard and power processes beyond simple demand management. This session will help you transform your current process into a powerhouse, and understand what the next steps are to continue your improvement as your process matures.

Some of the tips & tricks to be covered include:

  • Forecastability Analysis using the ForecastX Wizard
  • Advanced reports using the ForecastX Wizard’s templates
  • ABC analysis using Excel
  • Advanced event modeling techniques for complex promotional and event scenarios
  • New product forecasting with item supercession & profile forecasting
  • Evaluating your planning process and determining your next steps

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