Recorded Webcast

Speakers: Prof. John Manners-Bell, Sr. Business Consultant Paul Mackie

Listen as returning guest expert Prof. John Manners-Bell and John Galt Solutions discuss supply chain risk management in a conversational webcast. The discussion touches on how supply chain planners and managers can prepare for disruptions due to political, environmental, economic, and other factors. We'll talk about mitigating risks created by today's unpredictable trade environment as well as what to do when disruption occurs.

Mr. Manners-Bell draws from  Supply Chain Risk Management, his recent book published by Kogan Page. We will also discuss supply chain planning technology that can withstand disruptions and how setting in place the right tool or process before disaster strikes can help organizations recover quickly.

John Manners-Bell is the CEO of Transport Intelligence, a leading supplier of market solutions to the global logistics industry. He is also Visiting Professor at the London Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law, London Metropolitan University. John is a Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and former Chair of the Supply Chain, Logistics Global Advisory Council of the World Economic Forum.