Sales & Operations Execution: Building Stability and Agility in Uncertain Times

Alex Pradhan, Product Strategy Leader at John Galt Solutions
Peter Schram, Founder & Advisor Breakthrough Advisory

In the last 12 months the level of demand volatility and supply disruption has been unprecedented, and this is likely to continue. Many organizations are stuck in firefighting mode. They are struggling to respond properly and efficiently with impact on supply chain and business performance.

How do you build stability and agility into the supply chain plan? Sales and operations (S&OE) aims to improve decision making quality for short-term (supply chain) fluctuations and disturbances. It focuses on taking the best operational trade-off decisions for the business instead of functionally focused and sub-optimal decisions.

Supply chain leaders can use this webinar to gain actionable insights on the role of Sales and Operation Execution (S&OE) to improve resilience and agility. Attendees with learn:

  • The role of S&OE in improving supply chain performance
  • What a best practice S&OE process looks like at leading organizations
  • Recommendations on how to get started on and implement S&OE