Supply Chain Planning teams are operating in a world where disruptions are happening more frequently and they have become predictably unpredictable, and bigger in impact. The supply chain planning organizations have the responsibility to lead their organizations’ planning for future demand and supply. In a volatile environment this is becoming increasingly difficult, and more often than not, the businesses end up finding themselves in a highly reactive mode of operations. The organization structures, processes, and technologies of the past have a hard time keeping up with today’s challenges. 


Many companies have established a Center of Excellence (CoE), with the purpose of deploying best practices and standard processes to their planning organizations. Recent Gartner research shows that process standardization is highly relevant for supply chain planning leaders, but it's becoming table stakes rather than a differentiator. Supply Chain Planning CoE’s must shift their focus and purpose from process standardization and incremental improvements to innovation and exploration of emerging technologies and disruptive ways to achieve supply chain planning excellence.

What you will learn:

  • Ensure the standardized delivery of supply chain planning processes and service by making a shift to shared service centers
  • Providing data and analytics services is an emerging priority across Supply Chain Planning COEs
  • In organizations that are outperforming their peers, the Supply Chain Planning COE are more likely to include design and deploy emerging technologies, supply chain talent development and providing master data management services as their top priorities.


Marko Pukkila, Chief of Research and Vice President Team Manager


Robert Bowman, Editor-in-Chief, SupplyChainBrain