Topic: How to plan for the roll-out of the COVID vaccine - John Galt Thought Leadership

With:Jeff Marthins, Senior Business Consultant at John Galt Solutions

How will the vaccine rollout affect your demand plan?

Demand planning is becoming even more crucial as the pandemic has altered how, when, and where your customers shop and what they buy. The changes brought by the COVID-19 global pandemic has created new demand signals and what many are calling a “new normal” has entered a new phase. So how do you plan for the NEW new normal?

The recent positive news on vaccine and antibody trials brings hope that there we are nearing the beginning of the end to the pandemic - however, supply chains will need to prepare for complex demand scenarios in the short and mid-term as the vaccine is rolled our nationally and globally.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • Demand planning lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How do you plan for different vaccine roll-out scenarios?
  • Consumer shifts across industry sectors that could impact demand plan in the short and mid-term horizon
  • The importance of demand planning technology to improve agility