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Speakers: Services Leader Laura Foley, R&D Leader Brian Begeman, and Sr. Business Consultant Paul Mackie

Many leaders rely on fragmented processes that separately plan for demand, production capacity, inventory levels, distribution requirements, and more. These activities are run from a whole range of disconnected systems including ERPs, planning tools, BI systems, Excel, and others. In this sort of environment, planners are forced to mediate between systems, shoulder the burden of communicating between departments, and manually pull data together into usable formats. Such fragmentation leaves your business unable to find the most efficient course of action. The results are high inventories, excessive overtime and sub-optimal customer service.

An end-to-end supply chain planning system of record can solve these issues. Such systems allow planning teams to share information effectively without manual effort, enabling a higher level of problem-solving and analysis across the entire business. This webinar discusses how your organization can use end-to-end planning systems to steer your business toward sustained profitability.

During the presentation you'll learn how to:

  • Lead your team to find and eliminate unhelpful divisions in the planning process
  • Outline a complete end-to-end planning process
  • Identify the different groups and perspectives needed in the planning process
  • Build a data model that supports the requirements of all teams
  • Start implementing end-to-end principles in your business