Engaging the full range of stakeholders to identify pain points and create a plan that services the whole business' needs

In Sales and Operations Planning, diversity of thought and conflict drives successful planning that benefits the whole organization.

Multiple viewpoints, diversity of thought and conflict are a means of assessing and balancing company priorities against the desires of other stakeholders. Overall, varied viewpoints create a more carefully considered and accurate plan.

Join the discussion to learn:

  • What does consensus really mean as part of the S&OP process?
  • How can you leverage and embrace multiple viewpoints within the S&OP process?
  • How crisis events like Covid can lead to optimized S&OP performance in the long term?
  • The role of people, process, technology and data to deliver a robust, repeatable S&OP process
  • How S&OP can be the backbone of supply chain and wider business strategy?


Alex Pradhan - Global Product Strategy Leader, John Galt Solutions
Jonathon Karelse - CEO, NorthFind Management
Kevin Comer - Sr. Director Global Planning and Procurement, Factors Group
Jan Kovarik - Director Sales & Operations Planning, Alcon Pharmaceuticals
Maria Villablanca - Co-Founder & CEO, Future Insights Network