Your supply chain is facing more challenges today than it ever has. Material, production availability, labor, and transportation are all in short supply and supply chain leaders are scrambling to meet customer commitments and financial targets.

Get out of fire-fighting mode with your team and strategically work through these risks to your supply chain. In this session, Matt Hoffman and Alex Pradhan will share examples of how your peers are accounting for constraints across the supply chain, utilizing advanced digital twins to model the impact of decisions, and getting the most out of each available resource.

The audience will learn how to:

  • Balance profitability and service levels while accounting for constraints
  • Stabilize erratic planning by optimizing and solving for constraints across the entire, multi-tier network
  • Account for multiple constraints including material, production, labor, and transportation
  • Determine the amount of business your organization can profitably support given shortages across each node of your network


Alex Pradhan, Product Strategy Leader
Matt Hoffman, Vice President of Customer Success