New book uses adaptive learning environment to introduce students to professional sales forecasting software and methods Chicago, IL., March 3, 2018 - "Forecasting and Predictive Analytics Seventh Edition with ForecastX" by Barry Keating, J. Holton Wilson, and John Galt Solutions is now available for purchase, offering learners the latest in forecasting knowledge and tools. While the book is available in a traditional hardcover version, the authors now offer a whole new learning experience with the online service called “Connect,” powered by McGraw Hill. Connect empowers readers by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, making the learning experience more engaging and effective.

“The hardcopy is only a part of the package that is truly an adaptive learning experience. We have fashioned a SmartBook that is online, infinitely searchable, produces ‘probes’ to check understanding, contains self-correcting quizzes, and includes underlining options,” says Professor Barry Keating from Notre Dame, one of the co-authors and the main driver behind "Forecasting and Predictive Analytics with ForecastX". When used in a classroom environment, advanced reporting capabilities make it possible for instructors to adjust learning objectives and level of difficulty throughout the course. Instructors can also assign homework based on student interaction.

The seventh edition of "Forecasting and Predictive Analytics with ForecastX" builds on the success of the first six editions. While many significant changes have been made in this seventh edition, it remains a leading resource on prediction methods for managers, forecasting practitioners, data scientists, and students hoping to become business professionals. The content enables learners to understand practical issues related to prediction in all its forms, with an emphasis on the forecasting and analytics methods that actual practitioners have found most useful. "Forecasting and Predictive Analytics with ForecastX" is written for students and others who want to know how forecasting is really done.

Learning Experience Powered by ForecastX

"Forecasting and Predictive Analytics with ForecastX" uses an educational edition of John Galt’s commercial ForecastX software package to teach forecasting best practices. Thousands of businesses worldwide currently use ForecastX, a software plug-in that produces statistical forecasts in Excel for demand planning, inventory planning, sales forecasting, and many other critical business functions. The tool offers unparalleled statistical power along with the flexibility of Excel, while remaining easy and intuitive to use for beginners. ForecastX has proven to be an effective tool for planners getting started on their forecasting journey, as well as students who wants a head start in their supply chain planning career.

About The Authors

Barry P. Keating is currently a professor of economics and business analytics in the Department of Finance at the University of Notre Dame. His primary area of interest involves the use of analytics in solving corporate supply chain problems and forecasting. He is currently studying how non-linear models are used in supply chain management.

Dr. J. Holton Wilson, Professor Emeritus in Marketing at Central Michigan University, was the initial recipient of the Jerry and Felicia Campbell Endowed Professorship in the College of Business at Central Michigan University. He has received a number of teaching awards such as CMU, College of Business, Dean’s Teaching Award; Michigan Association of Governing Boards Award; Ameritech Teaching Award; and many others.

John Galt Solutions helps increase forecast accuracy and optimize inventory levels in consumer-driven supply chains. With its ForecastX and Atlas Planning Suite products, John Galt provides a variety of supply chain planning solutions designed for companies of all sizes and industries.

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About John Galt Solutions

Since its founding in 1996, John Galt Solutions has built a proven track record of providing affordable, automated forecasting and inventory management services for consumer-driven supply chains. We have an unmatched ability to configure tailored solutions for customers, regardless of size or business challenge, that save both time and money by compressing implementation periods and delivering intelligent information that positively impact your bottom line.

About ForecastX

ForecastX makes detailed and accurate business forecasting easy. This affordable software from John Galt Solutions combines a powerful statistical forecasting engine with Microsoft Excel to give any business an effective blend of forecast accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility. ForecastX has become the cornerstone of thousands of successful demand planning processes all over the globe in a wide range of industries.