Today John Galt Solutions, a leading forecasting, demand and supply planning software and services company launched a new website available at The new website is based on an updated logo and brand image that promises to deliver a streamlined experience.

Chicago, IL., February 26, 2015 - “We felt it was time for an update,” remarked Anne Omrod, President and CEO of John Galt. “We are a successful, highly regarded software company serving thousands of customers all over the world. We wanted to make sure our brand image and website reflect that.”

John Galt delivers forecasting, inventory and supply chain planning solutions to companies around the globe who depend on the importance of accurate prediction tools to establish a world-class planning process. Founded in 1996, John Galt Solutions has built ForecastX, a powerful Excel-based forecasting tool, and Atlas Planning Suite, a comprehensive sales and operations planning solution.

“We have a strong brand in the marketplace as The Forecast Xperts, and we wanted to make sure we carry that through into the new brand image,” said Ms. Omrod. “We are still here to solve tough global supply chain planning problems and deliver the most accurate forecasts possible. The new logo alludes to our historical brand but modernizes it with a strong, simplified structure.”

Launching the new brand image and website reflects John Galt’s commitment to innovation.

“We are committed to constant improvement,” continued Ms. Omrod. “We are in a perpetual state of innovation with all that we do. When one project finishes we immediately look for what’s next and ways to improve upon what we have accomplished.”

The new website not only expresses a new brand image, but also makes it easier for visitors to learn more about John Galt software and services as well as discover and learn more about forecasting and demand planning.

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Since its founding in 1996, John Galt Solutions has built a proven track record of providing affordable, automated forecasting and inventory management services for consumer-driven supply chains. We have an unmatched ability to configure tailored solutions for customers, regardless of size or business challenge, that save both time and money by compressing implementation periods and delivering intelligent information that positively impact your bottom line.