Chicago, IL., September 23, 2015 - John Galt Solutions announced today that it has launched a new blog on its website. The blog covers relevant issues in the supply chain industry, including demand planning, sales & operations planning, and sales forecasting. The articles on the blog are written predominantly by experts in the industry, including Bob Stahl, Larry Lapide, and Barry Keating, as well as by John Galt’s customers and consultants.

“This is not just another company blog,” said Anne Omrod, President & CEO of John Galt Solutions. “It is a bona-fide educational outlet for supply chain professionals and features objective articles from some of the industry’s most respected thought leaders.”

As an example, one of the blog’s first posts was “Getting Benefits from Executive S&OP” by Bob Stahl, renowned educator, author, and coach, specializing in Executive Sales & Operations Planning. Readers will also find extended articles from the former Director of Demand Management at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, Dr. Larry Lapide, such as “Demand Planning Needs Customer Profitability.” John Galt will post articles and relevant news on the blog as well, with “What is Forecastability Analysis and Why Do I want to do it?” as a recent example.

Readers interested in garnering more education in supply chain planning from knowledgeable practitioners should visit to learn more and subscribe to the blog. Interactive discussion and comments on the blog are also encouraged.

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