DALLAS, TX – March 16, 2022 – John Galt Solutions, automating supply chain planning to empower business leaders to make better decisions faster, continues to drive innovation in how supply chain teams visually interact, engage, collaborate, and gain full visibility to continuous insights across the end-to-end supply chain network. The latest enhancements to the platform help companies quickly mitigate unforeseen risks, respond to supply chain disruptions, manage complexity, and capture new market opportunities.

In the face of continuing constraints placed across the end-to-end supply chain including material shortages, fluctuating commodity prices, tightening labor markets, geopolitical instability, and ongoing disruptions, leaders must pivot from a constant state of reaction to staying ahead of the market changes.

Today, supply chain teams have access to incredible volumes of data across countless sources. Unfortunately, many organizations are unable to take advantage of the insights trapped inside this information to help them assess risk and identify opportunities across the supply chain network. To unlock this untapped potential, companies around the world have turned to John Galt Solutions’ Atlas Planning Platform to gain full visibility across the supply chain network. Atlas unites disparate silos by creating an end-to-end supply chain model, a digital supply chain twin, that quickly runs end-to-end simulations to evaluate multiple scenarios and identify supply chain bottlenecks and risks. This unprecedented visibility allows companies to accelerate and improve short-and long-term planning and drive intelligent issue resolution.

“To drive performance across the end-to-end supply chain, companies are moving away from siloed processes, redundant tasks, and error-prone manual tools toward a data-driven planning approach supported by machine learning and AI,” said Martin Naydenov, research analyst, Nucleus Research, in the report, John Galt Drives Strong Business Value. “A centralized platform with built-in SCP intelligence can anticipate disruptions earlier, automate best practices, and unite supply chain stakeholders around a single version of the truth.”

The Atlas Planning Platform’s AI-powered enhancements enable supply chains around the world to seamlessly collaborate to drive rapid resolution by detecting anomalies and intelligently automating responses and delivering prescriptive resolutions.

“By leveraging machine learning and AI, the Atlas Planning Platform analyzes the ripple effects and implications of potential responses to disruption,” said Alex Pradhan, global product strategy leader, John Galt Solutions. “We are able to identify the impact to other parts of the business, partners, suppliers, and customers. This level of visibility enables companies to pivot while balancing efficiency and resiliency and build a risk response strategy that can be quickly executed.”

To learn more about the Atlas Planning Platform, please visit johngalt.com/atlas.

About John Galt Solutions 

More than ever, companies must be able to sense and respond to the dynamics of complex global supply chain performance, seize new opportunities, reduce costs, and drive profitability. John Galt Solutions’ Atlas Planning Platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain planning solution with advanced analytics and machine learning to automate planning, break down business silos and deliver greater visibility. Atlas Planning, a SaaS-based platform, transforms S&OP processes; demand, inventory, and replenishment; manufacturing planning and scheduling; distribution, allocation, and transportation planning; financial budget and sales forecasting. We partner closely with companies such as MARS, Continental Tire, Milwaukee Tool, Deschutes Brewery, Organic Valley, Netgear, and American Red Cross to empower planners to make better and faster decisions with greater confidence. To learn how John Galt Solutions can help you improve supply chain performance, visit www.johngalt.com.