John Galt expands the Atlas Planning Supply Chain Platform and gives all their users access to a powerful center of planning intelligence that seamlessly integrates with the existing Atlas Planning modules.

Deeper Insights for Better Decisions

Chicago, IL, June 14, 2018 - John Galt Solutions, the creator of the award-winning planning solutions ‘ForecastX’ and ‘Atlas Supply Chian Planning Software Platform’, recently launched ‘Atlas Supply Chain Analytics’, as part of the company’s continuing efforts to bring powerful, accurate and cost-effective planning solutions to its customers.

Supply Chain Analytics is the new center of intelligence for the Atlas Planning Suite. This new module gives decision makers incredible insight into the dynamics of their business, allowing them to see the big picture and make well-informed decisions that will contribute to business goals. The Supply Chain Analytics module offers actionable analytics to review supply chain results, simulate what-if scenarios, segment products on numerous dimensions, optimize planning performance, automate planning policy setting, and much more.

Watch the Live Announcement

John Galt recently announced the general availability of Supply Chain Analytics during a live web presentation. The presentation was open to current John Galt customers who could see the new tool in action and ask questions.

The live presentation was recorded and is now available to the general public on The presentation will go over all the features and functionality and show how it can help your business optimize its supply chain.

During the presentation you will learn:

  • The various criteria Supply Chain Analytics can use to segment data
  • How Supply Chain Analytics can optimize automated statistical forecasts
  • The benefits ‘Supply Chain Analytics’ machine learning capabilities
  • How to use collaborative what-if analysis in the S&OP process
  • Practical considerations on how to set planning policies

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About John Galt Solutions

Since its founding in 1996, John Galt Solutions has built a proven track record of providing affordable, automated forecasting and inventory management services for consumer-driven supply chains. We have an unmatched ability to configure tailored solutions for customers, regardless of size or business challenge, that save both time and money by compressing implementation periods and delivering intelligent information that positively impact your bottom line.

About the Atlas Planning Suite

John Galt's Atlas Planning Suite provides a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain planning solution to increase forecast accuracy, optimize inventory levels, and maximize supply chain performance. Key differentiators are superior value, rapid implementation, and the flexibility to support a wide range of business goals. Atlas’ modular design and extensive configurability empower customers to quickly solve their immediate challenges and grow to an end-to-end solution as their process matures. Companies across many industries use Atlas daily to optimize their supply chains and increase profits.