John Galt Solutions will sponsor the Gartner Supply Chain conference in Phoenix this year. Joining the company is Reddy Ice, one of John Galt’s many customers who have powered their visionary planning processes with the Atlas Planning Suite using the latest in machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Meet Us in Phoenix

Chicago, IL., May 14, 2018--John Galt Solutions will exhibit new technologies at the Gartner Supply Chain Conference in Phoenix on May 14-17th. The company will showcase the latest advancements in supply chain software and planning solutions. The company encourages anyone interested in learning more to join booth 209 on the exhibitor floor.

New Technology on Display

The R&D team at John Galt will present new applications of machine learning and IoT technologies for supply chain planning. R&D leader Brian Begeman expressed excitement to share his latest results during the Gartner event. “We are constantly working on revolutionary new supply chain technology, and I am especially excited about developments in machine learning. The progress in this field has been amazing and we will soon experience forecast accuracy and supply chain efficiency that we have never witnessed before.”

Reddy Ice to Speak on Machine Learning and IoT Technology

Reddy Ice, a long-time John Galt customer, is on the brink of accomplishing a fully automated end-to-end supply chain solution utilizing John Galt's machine learning technology. The company is running a lean and highly effective supply chain taking advantage of the latest in supply chain technology. Reddy Ice has virtually eliminated the need for manual interference when optimizing their store replenishment plan based on real-time data. Grant Daniel, director of delivery optimization, shares his story on Tuesday May 15th at 11:45 during the presentation titled “Achieving End-to-End Automation: Putting IoT technology & Machine Learning into Practice”.

Seating is limited; please contact John Galt to ensure a free seat at the presentation.

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