VP of Supply Chain from American Red Cross, Leo Debandi will take the audience through the implementation of a new John Galt demand planning and inventory management solution used to forecast blood donations. He will go over the pain points they were experiencing before the implementation and show how John Galt Solutions helped lower cost and ultimately save human lives.

Chicago, IL., October 16, 2016- John Galt Solution has a strong track record of helping companies with very unique forecasting needs. The forecasting process at American Red Cross required a highly customized solution that would take into account the unique nature of their business and help build an efficient S&OP process.

"We are different than most companies because we can’t purchase our raw material [blood]. It is a precious resource but it is donated. Not only do we have to look at demand, we also have to consider the variability of our supply. It is a lot different than most business models. I'm extremely pleased to be sharing our story at the conference in Orlando”, said Leo Debandi.

To learn more about the forecasting process at American Red Cross, view a video of Leo Debandi talking about the implementation below this text.

CEO Annemarie Omrod will represent John Galt Solutions in Orlando and she is hoping to see as many John Galt customers as possible.

“This is a great opportunity to connect with a lot of our current customers. We generally have a good number of customers drop by our booth and I strongly encourage everyone to do the same this year”, said Annemarie Omrod.

The presentation will take place at the Wyndham Grand Resort during IBF’s Business Planning, Forecasting & S&OP conference in Orlando on October 28thth. For information on how to join the event, contact sales@johngalt.com.

American Red Cross - Forecasting process

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