Packed with innovative new features including a collaboration, ABC Analysis, and quarterly roadmap meetings.

Dallas, Texas — John Galt Solutions is excited to be announcing ForecastX 10, introducing exciting new features that will take any planner to the next level. With ForecastX 10, John Galt Solutions continue to improve the industry-leading best-fit forecasting engine customers have enjoyed for years while also and introducing new features never seen in a forecasting tool at its price point. ForecastX 10 is available for purchase on

“We are proud to have launched a range of new advanced updates that are not traditionally seen in an excel service or add-in of this type,” said Brian Begeman, John Galt’s Research & Development Leader. “Getting access to ABC analysis and collaboration for $99 per month is unprecedented.”

ForecastX 10 introduces collaboration: providing your planners with the capability to collaborate with key stakeholders both inside and outside your business. ForecastX 10 makes it easy for key stakeholders to quickly make changes to the forecast at any level of detail and consolidate the results. This enables your organization to achieve a “one number” forecast as the foundation for sustainable S&OP success.

Adding ABC Analysis (Pareto), John Galt Solutions has made an easy-to-use segmentation tool in ForecastX 10, that lets you group products based on their importance to your business. ABC Analysis allows you to focus your attention on the areas of your business that will most dramatically influence your bottom line.

"ForecastX already offered the most accurate statistical forecast in the industry but the addition of ABC analysis and collaboration capabilities makes ForecastX the most advanced supply chain planning tool at its price point." -Daniel Klitgaard, Global Marketing Leader

ForecastX 10 is also introducing a new license management portal. Users now have the ability to manage a team of planners easier than ever. ForecastX 10 gives you access to the new Admin Portal where you can easily manage all your company licenses, set permissions, and create new users.

Customer Co-Development

John Galt is inviting all ForecastX 10 users to engage in quarterly roadmap meetings to provide feedback, request new features, and set the direction for ForecastX. Committed to constantly improving ForecastX to maintain market leadership in the field, John Galt is proud to be working closely with its customers to make that happen. As a ForecastX user you will get to experience this commitment to solving your planning challenges first hand. You can expect real commitment and quick turnaround as R&D Leader Brian Begeman will be presenting progress on submitted ideas directly to the end users during the next roadmap meeting.

John Galt Solutions changed the game when they introduced ForecastX Wizard in 1996 and has been the industry’s Partner in Planning ever since. This latest update is set to exceed and outperform in every way.

About John Galt Solutions

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